Monday, November 8, 2010

My Super Bowl Champs

My Super Bowl Family!!!!

I am so happy to brag on my boys today! Last Saturday, both of my boys teams had advanced to the Super Bowl Championship Game for each of their grade levels. Gabe played on a first grade team with only 3 players that had ever played football before....Gabe was a first timer!!! Talk about a huge transformation! This team started out looking like :-(, well, it was almost hopeless!!! LOL! But each week the team got better and better and by the end of the year, this little first grade team look like they KNEW what they were doing! Our coach was amazing with them and I have never been so proud to see such improvement!!!!Gabe's Team (he is #00)

And the same thing for Gabe. He started the year off saying he didn't want to hit his friend cos he was afraid he would hurt them!!! By the end of the year he was hitting HARD, RUNNING HARD, and became a little leader for the team!!! LOVE IT!
Gabe and his buddy, KK!

Zander's team was a totally different story! His team was unbelievably good! So good that the games were boring! Even the Super Bowl game! But this was Zander's first year to play football and he had a BLAST! He loves football and studies football alot---with his Paw! So to play this year was a dream come true! And would you know that my Zman is a kicker! Very, very rare to have a kicker make extra points at this age but Zander did it like a pro! And yes, I am proud!
Zander Post Game CoolMan Shot!
Zander's Third Grade Team (UnBeatAble)

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Thankful Thursday- Week ONE

Okay! Seeing alot of thankful post on blogs and facebook lately, so I am going to try this! Every Thursday, during the month of November, I'll post my "THANKFULS". But the truth is, I have too many to count! WOW! Talk about being blessed!

But I am going to do the first things that pop into my mind and not necessarily the obvious ones.....

Here goes.....
1) I am thankful for the quietness of my house just moments before the kids come in after school....cos that's when the real fun begins! (minus the homework, that is)
2) I am thankful for reconnected friendships!
3) I am thankful for a husband who really does like me and who likes being around me:-) LOL!
4) I am thankful that my three children never fight and rarely argue!
5) I am thankful for the little street I live on, in which is just perfect for us!

Until next week, I will remain thankful:-)

Monday, November 1, 2010


Halloween is one of my favorite times of the year! I know it sounds strange but it so fun to dress up, hand out candy, EAT candy, and just be a KID! When Todd and I moved on this street, we had no idea that Halloween would take place RIGHT HERE! LOL! I think I bought 2 bags of candy and we were out of candy in a matter of 30 minutes.

So ten years later, we are now embracing Halloween! We buy about $200 worth of candy each year and rarely have any left over! We see everyone we know from our community in 2.5hours! AMAZING!

And what's so funny is our kids love Halloween too.... They love getting the yard and porch decorated with spooky stuff and haunted music.... and they love handing out the candy to their friends.

In the last few years, our house has become the hang out house....come trick or treat and then hang out and visit! But this year we took it a step further. We did Happy HalloWEENIES in my front yard as an OUTREACH to our community! We set-up a hot stand and handed out free hot dogs and water to everyone that came by! It was soo much fun! We had lots of church family here, lots of friends, lots of neighbors, and lots of new faces. What a way to get to know people....and so easy and laid back!

Take a look at our night......320 hot dogs down! (Note to Self: Next year- we need 450 hot dogs or more cos we ran out).

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Big Sisters and Little Brothers

This week I became a "BIG SISTER" again and was able to witness my daughter be a "BIG SISTER" too! I know...I am confusing you, cos no one was added to the family through married or through a new birth.

For me, I grew up with one younger sibling, Grady! Oh how I adored my little brother (and still do). He was cute, small, and SMART! We were totally different and still are so different. See, he is the quiet one, but very funny. While I liked being center of attention and thought I was funny, but really wasn't. He was bit more shy (kind-of), I was NOT! He is musically talented and can figure things out that only the highly intellectuals can figure out. I am the athletic one and lets just say, I have to study---ALOT--- to understand things. LOL! This list can go on and on.

As adults, I have my own family of five and live in our small hometown by our parents. I am actively involved in our little hometown, and I have become that SOCCER MOM.... Grady has a beautiful 4yr old son, Hayden,-- is single, lives in the city, and has had some conflicts in his life in the last couple of years. He is doing well right now....but the other night, for the first time in our adult life, he called me to TALK. He is not one to call and TALK! I am usually the one calling him to pry information from him!!! -- But this time, he just need to talk to someone that was close to him! I spent over an hour listening to my adult baby brother talk. I felt like a BIG SISTER all over again. But this time, I offer very little advice but more importantly I offered him my support, prayer, and ears!!! I loved that he came to me, like he did when we both lived at home!

Now about my sweet Addison---She had to write a paper over her favorite RELATIVE for an English assignment. I thought she would have picked one of her grandmothers, her aunt from California, or her cousin from California. But to my surprise, she wrote about her little brother, Zander. I think she was the only 5th grader that wrote about a sibling! I know it seems like something so simply, but a mom and a big sister myself, I know that this really meant more to Addison! I love seeing my three children growing, learning, and laughing together! And to be honest, I get a little teary-eyed when I think that I only have about 8more years to watch them do this together before they start living separate lives.

My prayer is that they grow closer though the years....and that they will always have each other for support, encouragement, and as prayer warriors for the rest of their lives:-)

Thursday, October 21, 2010

My "Cheap" Hobby Becomes an Expensive Obsession

The title says it all! Since having my youngest child, Gabe (now almost 7yrs old). I have picked up the hobby and exercise of running. I have always been a runner but never much more then 2-4miles about 3-4times a week. But last December, after I got my thyroid medicines for the first energy levels began to peak again..... My running was becoming easier so more mileage was added. And the weight was falling off. In the past, I have always said...running is so easy and convenient.
---"All you need is a good pair of running shoes and the ability to push through the pain when it gets tough!"

Well, if you have been reading my blog.... my hobby is not so cheap anymore! Now that I am getting serious about running in competitions (competing against myself in the races), I have needed much more than a good pair of shoes! I got a big laugh at myself the other day, as I glanced in the mirror to see ALL THE STUFF I have accumulated for my runs these days. Take a look at me!
OK! Let me just tell what I have these days:-)
This is my latest purchase (thanks to a gift certificate that my church gave me as an appreciation gift). They are UnderArmor sports sunglasses. I LOVE THEM!!! So light weight:-) I have never owned a pair of sunglasses that were over $ these are very "SPECIAL" to me!!!!

And here is my handy dandy protection gear. Pepper spray! Yap, I run out in the country/backroads. At times, stray dogs are around and fenced dogs get out! This makes me feel like I can take on any monster that gets after me..... Not to mention any creepy humans that may be around! Watch out!!!!

And my shoes:-) Got to love my asics!!!! This is my third pair! Love them! Love them! Love them!

And my very FAVORITE PURCHASE OF ALL.....the one thing that I have wanted for a while. I finally purchased a Garmin 405 Forerunner Watch! I so love this gadget! It's an amazing tool and companion on a run! It is unbelievable all the things you can do on this watch and with this watch!!! It has already improved my run tremedously in the short time I have had it!

I still have many other things that I take on my runs.... Take a look back at my mirror picture......
1) Got to love my visor! The visor is great for keeping sweat, hair, and sun out of my eyes...and sometimes rain!
2) My Iphone----This is a HUGE necessity! Not only do I use it for emergency phone calls for me or for my family to contact me, but the music on the iphone is an absolute MUST!
3) My handy dandy BELT! I only wear this belt when I know I am running 10+ miles. It has two water bottles and one pocket for energy snacks or pills or any other things you might want to take along. I use this about every 10 days, as I usually run a REAL-LONG run about every 10 days:-)
4) Lastly, something you can't see in the picture but it is my heart rate monitor. It is actually under my shirt just under my chest. It actually wraps around my whole chest and back and works in conjunction with the Garmin watch. I had doubts about this gadget, as I thought it would be uncomfortable, but I can't even feel it on me! In matter of fact, I forgot I had it on one day and wore it for about 2 additional hours. I am currently learning how to train using heart rate data. :-) That will be a later post:-)

I feel prepared for a good run! So I am about to go get one in right now!!! LOL! But you know what I just started thinking about?? With winter months fast approaching, it won't be long until I need to purchase winter running clothes! LOL!

I told ya this hobby wasn't so cheap anymore!!!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Boys of Fall

This past week was a big week for my small town! It was Homecoming week!!!! Nothing says what Homecoming and Football means to a small town like mine, like this song does; THE BOYS OF FALL! So a made a clip with some picture from my boys football practices and games and then some homecoming pictures, as well!!!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Student Holiday

Today the kids were off of school while the teachers had a staff development day! I really wasn't aware that the kids were off until I got a phone message last Friday from the school messaging system, but wow, what a treat!

Today has been an absolutely beautiful, relaxing Monday. First of all, it was a rainy stormy morning!!! So not having the alarm set was SWEETNESS!! Then the cool front brought great temperatures for outside play and work:-)

And my sweet hubby loves being with the family that he took today off too (last minute). What a treat!! He watched the kids this morning so I could go to workout with my friend. Then he and his dad spent much of the day working on extending the shed for more storage area. And now Todd is cooking us all a great chicken, potato, and corn on the cob meal from the grill:-) YUMMMY! Love my man!!! (and Jim too)

And my kids: Gabe has been in and out all day. Todd gave him a LEGO surprise; a fire station city. It's huge. And would you believe he has spent at least half of his day working on the lego project?? He is amazing at building these things and working from the instruction books!
Zander has been doing what he does best....playing front yard football with the neighborhood boys, playing in the muddy creek and riding scooters! And my Addie girl has been playing outside with Alexis (our neighbor) painting nails, making art projects, and running in to play on Yoville from time to time! Oh, and we let them run to Sonic to have lunch---so she feels so special:-)

For me, well I typically spend my Mondays getting the house back together, playing catchup on emails, doing laundry, getting groceries and making my weekly to do list. But today, I was able to sit with my girlfriends for a few and discuss life with them. And BTW, I have the best girlfriends ever!!! LOL.... And then the rest of my day has been sitting back and just watching and enjoying the blessings I have in my life! AWWWE!! I don't deserve this life I live! But I am grateful for it! Thanks Jesus for making me slow down today and see how much you love me:-)

Monday, October 4, 2010

T.H.I.N.K. before you Speak

What is your sin that you struggle with??? YIKES! I know, I know, not a very pleasant question to start off a post. But today at church, Roy spoke on qualifications of a deacon. Amazing how we as Christians should all aspire to qualify as a deacon (servant).

But one section specifically spoke to me..... GOSSIP! Yes, I try everyday to not do this, but it seems to always happen! SAD, SAD! I always have good intentions not to talk too much or even listen too much....but it always seems to cross that line that leaves me asking myself at night "Should I have said that?"

So this post is for ME!----Roy gave us an acronym that would help a person decide if they should or should not speak about another person in a setting. Feel free to take notes.......


T- True---The things you are speaking---are they truth?
H-Helpful--Are the things you are speaking and sharing helpful to the persons involved?
I- Inspiring- The things you speak about this person...are they inspiring in any way?
N- Necessary- Is it necessary to share this information about the other individual?
K- Kind- Are the things you are saying or sharing kind?

OUCH!!!! Stings a bit, doesn't it??? I don't know about you, but usually when I talk about another person, I am good about speaking TRUTH and hoping to be HELPFUL but I usually don't inspire my peers to help out and I know it's not necessary to share ALL the information I dish out. And yes, oh yes, I start off with speaking only kindly....but by the end, there is usually nothing KIND that came from the conversation!

I am going to post this acronym all over my house, car, office, etc. And I am taking this one straight to God! Got to stop and THINK from here on out!!!!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


It's Day 3 after my big run! I am still so excited and just thrilled about my race. I am thrilled that I met my goal (to actually run a full 13.1+miles without stopping) but I am also thrilled about my pace/time. I finished with a 2:06 time but then found out a day later that the course was not a 13.1mile course, but a 13.45mile course. This means I was close to running a half marathon in less than 2 hours which is just absolutely unbelievable to me!!! WOW- I was shooting for 2:15! As you can tell, I am learning as I go....and still have so much more to learn.

Well that leads me to today! On Sunday, during the last mile of the race, Texas FALL blew in! Our temps have dropped and now our blistering days are hopefully GONE and the weather is just PERFECT! I took 48hrs off, but yesterday I got my first post race run in. Felt pretty good...ran a little, walked a little, ran a little, etc. Today rolls around and I thought I would run a quick 2.5-3miles (just too pretty outside to NOT run). But boy, my legs are TIRED! I now believe running after a race is the hardest part of running half marathons!!! UGHH!!!

I plan on getting boot camp in tomorrow and hope to have a few more run/walk workouts the remainder of this week! I think I will save my bigger, longer runs until next week....maybe even the week after!!!! COS MOMMA BE TIRED NOW!! ----like my picture:-)

But, I won't lie---I have been looking for a full marathon race for late Spring 2011 or Early Fall 2011. Not sure I can really do it, but hey----can't hurt to look and see if it is possible??? Unthinkable and unreachable is always possible!!!

Monday, September 27, 2010

My Run

I did it!!! I did it!!! I did it!!! Yesterday I completed my first half marathon (13.45miles) race. I have been running for several years but in the last nine months, God begin to work on me from the inside out! So nine months ago, I began to up my mileage. At that same time, I began to lose weight, gain my strength, but also regain my self worth. (and yes, I also got alot of help from my thyroid medicines too:-) haha).

I really don't have a real reason on WHY I chose to have a half marathon as my GOAL? Maybe it was because to me, that was the unthinkable and the unreachable. And if you have known me for any length of time....I do always go for those types of goals! So nine months ago, I needed a goal! So I set my mind to it and went for it!

It's been 36hrs since I ran the race. I have has so many congrats from friends but yet so many questions: did it hurt? did you want to quit? did you cry? are you sore? were you nervous? etc.

Interesting answers were:
No, it really didn't hurt all that bad (because I was mentally and physically ready for the race)
No, I didn't want to quit (why run if I thought quitting was an option)
No, I didn't cry....but I did get chills at the first sight of my family at 3.8 miles in and 11miles in when I knew God would carry me through
No, I wasn't nervous (except for the check in procedures that I wasn't familiar with)

See, the real change in myself wasn't on race day! It was the last nine months of my life! It was what God showed me as I trained day after day! He conditioned my heart, soul, strength, and mind these past few months.... And with God, I can run any race if I am truly conditioned!!!!

I have so much more to share about this race day and hopefully will share more later....but here's a quote that was on one of the many signs as I ran along the path Sunday that spoke deeply to me.

"Obstacles are only things in the way when you are not focused on the goal." Finishing my marathon was exactly that..... I was FOCUSED on the GOAL!!!!

Thank you God for your sweet reminders and for being the best training partner ever!!!

Friday, September 24, 2010

TGIF....for real:-)

Todd and I have been extremely blessed with wonderful jobs...both in ministry (which how that came to be is a whole post....later). I work part-time as the Children's Director for Grace Bible Fellowship in Gunter. And he works a Vice President of Web Ministries for Insight for Living. But get this, he has every other Friday off.

And now that school is back in session, I LOVE THOSE FRIDAYs that he is OFF!

Let me just tell you what we did today....

1. He let me sleep in and he took kids to school.
2. Then we went riding on 4 wheelers (just the two of us) in the rain and mud just outside of town (thanks James for letting us play on your land). I love love love getting outside and getting dirty! SOOO FUNN!! --i know, I am weird that way!
3. Came home and cleaned up.
4. Lunch date at Romano's in Van Alstyne.
5. Came home and took a quick little nap before kids got home!---little snuggling too;-) haha

Who needs date night when we have every other Friday to just hang out!!!! We are really getting spoiled to having these hours together:-) Sure hope they last......

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


This morning I poured my heart out in a lovely little email to my husband! HAHA! You know the type of email I am talking about...the one where you should have reread it or let it sit in your inbox a day or two before you decided to send it! HAHA!

I had just got through watching some of the BIGGEST LOSER while folding laundry and then I found myself madder than a hornet! I was mad at myself, made at Todd, and mad at our nation for selling fast foods!

So in short, I typed an email to send to my husband to vent my anger. I really wasn't angry.....I just wanted to prevent being angry later! (so that's how I am justifying sending the email:-) Anyhow-I have lost weight for the SECOND TIME in our marriage. I am 45lbs down..with only a few lbs left until my goal weight. I am a running maniac. And I am running in my first half marathon this weekend. But in the meantime, while I am eating right and exercising. I am feeding my family JUNK. My kids do exercise alot, but will they ever learn to eat right if I don't teach them. And then, I was also upset because Todd, my handsome husband, had yet to jump on the bandwagon with me on this new healthy lifestyle. This leads me to see that I am setting SOMEONE up for failure in my family..... Either I will fail AGAIN and gain weight because of my surroundings OR worst off, my kids will not learn the value of a healthy lifestyle....OR even worst, my husband may die at an early age leaving me alone with 3 kids asking WHY?

So....that in a nutshell was what I typed out to my sweet husband today (but mucccchhhhh lonnnngggggeeeerrrr).

Here is a quote I found today...and it fits so well.
"Any change, even a change for the better, is always accompanied by drawbacks and discomforts."

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Full of alot of Birthday!

Didn't know how to title this one........ LOL!

Why is it that when we have birthdays as adults we celebrate by going out to eat? And not only did I celebrate my 35th by going out to eat...but I celebrated it 3x this past week! HAHA!

My mom and I spent the day together on my actual birthday....and we ate at Babe's.

My girlfriends took me out the following day for a pedicure and for La Hacienda lunch:-)

And then my family took me to Lucy's after a very hot day of football games yesterday.

I feel MISERABLE! HAHA! I did have fun being with all the people in my life that have made my 34th year absolutely amazing though! Which made me begin to reflect.....what did I gain (or lose) this past year in my life.

So here is my top ten list from what I have learned this past year:
1.) I am chosen for God! This year while in Israel I finally have realized that God CHOSE ME!
2.) No one has more IMPACT on my kids than ME!!!!! WOW~~ little eyes are watching and listening....
3.) Baseball has become one of my favorite things to watch with my family and friends!
4.) I have learned to BE STILL for quick moments (stop and listen)....and I usually find myself smiling at God in those moments:-)
5.) Old friends aren't really old friends....they are some of your very best friends! I am so blessed to have reconnected with some special friends from my childhood years this past year! Amazing to have come to full circle with them and will probably go another full circle while parenting our children together!
6.) I LOVE to travel to new places with my husband. I know it sounds kind of mushy...but seems I fall in love with him over again each time we get away from our crazy, busy life. Not to mention, we are learning alot together when we travel so we aren't just talking about kids and schedules.....
7.) I can do anything if I just STICK to it..... gonna run my first half marathon in ONE WEEK!
8.) Simple is simplifying is what I am learning to do
9.) Family time at the big table is important...not to just me, but my kids too
10) I don't like 3rd grade homework!

I am now 3 days into my 35th year and I feel extremely blessed to have such amazing people that surround me in my life!!! So here's to 35 and counting...............

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Empty Hangers

About 3 weeks ago, I decided to clean out my closet....which led to a full's day work of going through EVERYTHING I owned in there. It was absolutely unreal how much STUFF I had packed away in that little space.

I had held on to several size 6 pants from 4 years ago, thinking that when I got my weight back off, I would wear them! HAHA! Whose kidding?? I don't want these "old fashioned" clothes! LOL! I did hold on to a few cute designer capris but most everything went into a give away pile.

GOOD-NEWS-BAD-NEWS: I had tons of fairly new clothes that I could not wear anymore! YIPPEE!! It was soooo fun trying on all these clothes that fit months ago and they wouldn't even stay on!! But so depressing to get rid of almost brand new clothes! I am not joking, but when I was done, I had 2 trash bags to throw away, 3 Goodwill bags, and 3 big buckets of give away clothes (that I gave to friends). I was then left with a very empty closet! HAHA! And a whole lot of hangers...

And these are just the "good" hangers. I threw out about the same amount of wire hangers, as well!

Now three weeks later (which just happened to be yesterday), I needed to run to the doctor to get medicine for the sinus problems I had been having. While I was there, I noticed the doctors cute flip-flops. She then tells me about a salon in town that has these cute designer clothes....and for cheap. So on this nice raining morning, (well, flooding morning) I had to waste some time while waiting on my prescriptions to be ready! So guess what I did?? Oh ya, I went to check out the Salon/Shop. I found so many cute clothes. And everything was on SALE!! Got a pair of flip-flops, a pair of size 28 MISS ME jeans (oh ya baby!), and 5 tops! I am so excited cause I now have a new place, close to home, that is reasonably priced that I can shop at!!!!

Let's begin to fill up the hangers!!!! :-)

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

What Happened to the TIMEOUT RULE??

Being a mom is HARD work! The list of responsibilities never ends! Actually, it seems like the list grows! You know the list I am talking about... wake kids up, feed them breakfast, be sure they are clean, sign the homework folder, get them to school. And even when they are away you are still living off the list of responsibilites of motherhood.....praying for them, cooking for them, cleaning sheet for them, being sure they have matching socks and clean clothes, etc.... This list can go on and on and on.

But what about that D word: DISCIPLINE. It sounds easy but really it's quite hard. This past week I spent the majority of my time repeating a few of the same phrases to my kids.. "Did you get your homework done?" "Is your room clean?" and the one that did me in this week... "Did you ask before you left the front yard?"

School has been in session for two full weeks now. And in the time, it seems that Preston Glen (the road I live on) has triple in number of how many kids live on this street. So after school, you can see nothing but kids playing ball or hide go seek or riding bikes. I must say I LOVE that about my street and I know how valuable that is. But have three children (ages range from 6-10yrs) it seems that our YARD RULES have been tested to the max. Gabe is my youngest. He is still not allowed, without special permission to go across the street to the neighbor"s yard. The other two older kids, are allowed to go play at the neighbors house...but under strict rules...
1) They must ask me before they leave
2) They must play in the yard going inside (unless I get a phone call or text asking them to come over)
3) Returning back home at the time agreed on
4) Not leaving that yard to attend another yard, without me knowing
5) Play nicely

So this past week, the two kids kept leaving the front yard and not telling me where they were going...and then sometimes they got permission but didn't remain where they said they would be...and sometimes they just ignored the RETURN time. So Saturday, MEAN MOMMA MANDY came out to their surprise! Both Addison and Zander broke the rules, YET AGAIN! The kids were banned to be inside on LABOR Day....their day OFF...but they didn't get the day off! Instead, Addison and Zander spent 3hours doing household chores!!! It was hard for me to do this! Why? Well, I hated telling their friends to go home but they couldn't play because they didn't follow the OUTSIDE RULES! I felt like I was embarrassingnt them, but at the same time, I wanted their friends aware that my kids had rules they HAD to follow to be allowed these privileges. Then, it was a beautiful day outside!!!! And NO HOMEWORK OR FOOTBALL PRACTICE!!! This is a RARE thing for our household in the school year! I felt so bad making them come in and do housework for half of the day when I knew they needed the play time.

But I knew I had to IMPRESS on my kids that what I said, I meant, and it can't be tested anymore! The reality of this is the rules are rules because mommy is being mean. But the rules are the rules cause mommy has an important job! God gave me the responsibility to raise them in a SAFE, LOVING, and GODLY HOME!

See, it's hard being a mom! It's hard to follow through on what you said would happen if rules weren't obeyed! I know that this is not the last time I will feel bad for doing what I know is right! I got years and years of this ahead of me....

Sure was easier when they had timeout!!! HAHA!

Monday, August 30, 2010

First Football Games

So I have given in and let both of my boys play football this year! I went to school to be a coach and a teacher...and after several kinesiology classes, I told myself that if I ever had boys, they would be at least 5th grade before they played tackle football.
1) I didn't want to be one of THOSE parents that pushed their boys to feel that athletics was the most important thing in their life.
2) Many kids play recklessly, and many coach recklessly, too....
3) Winning is not everything
4) The safety of my child if none of the above were done

Well, here I am with one child playing a year earlier than I thought and my youngest playing as a first grader! HAHA! Well, in my defense, alot of this was daddy's decision. But I will tell you, after watching my oldest son, Zander in other sports, I felt that if "he wanted to", he seemed ready for football. He is a smart kid, hustles like no other kid, and does his very best to do exactly what the coach ask. He also is a strategic player. He studies the game and is really good at strategies. And he is very much a team player and loves spending time playing ANY sport with his buddies!

Why Gabe? I am gonna be honest! I would like to see him toughen up some and have the ability to stand his own if he needs to. See, he is around boys 2-3years older (Zander and his buddies) and these kids run circles around Gabe. But it is not because Gabe isn't capable of hanging with these kids. It's because Gabe has no idea he has the strength or ability to stand up to these kids and compete with them or even take them down himself. And then when Gabe is with kids his own age, he babies them! So...I put him in football in hopes to give him a little fight and some self confidence!

I am not 100% sure I made the right decision, but I know I did my best to make sure I did! But the most important thing is both boys are LOVING it and learning so much! I am proud of them no matter what!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Addison is a MIDDLE SCHOOLER!!!

How did it happen so fast? I know I have heard my mom say it for years, "Enjoy it, cos time will fly by!" And boy is she ever so right!

Here is a picture of my baby girl about 10 years ago!

This is a picture of her on the first day of kindergarten (5years ago).

And this is her today....a middle school young lady!

She is growing so fast and I know that some of the most difficult and yet best years lie ahead! I pray that God gives me the knowledge, the wisdom and the patience to to raise her in a way that would give him glory:-)

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Summer and the "SHOULD DO LIST"

As I was running this morning I started to think about how fast summer is going by and then realized that even the second part of my summer is full already. With just 5 weeks before schools starts up again, my second part of summer is already taken up....
with one more baseball tournament, a church camp, and an IFL-Reformation Tour to Germany, Turkey, and Austria!

Where has the time gone? And how come my TO DO LIST never got pulled out this summer.

Things I should try to do before school starts again, but probably won't....
1) Rest
2) Visit Grandparents (some far and some near)
3) Clean Out All Cabinets in the house
4) Paint my living room
5) Paint the shed and make it look nice
6) Clean out the Office (this one I have been thinking about doing this week)
7) Go on a date with my husband
8) Go to Six Flags
9) Redo the flowerbeds (hey, I have weeded them a few times this summer)
10) Read a good book

So, I hope I do get at least 3 of these done before school starts! That would make me feel somewhat better, but we will see:-) But I do know something I have done this summer that I am so glad we have done....are these baseball tournaments and our spontaneous trip to Florida. These two things have been great for my family! Been spending lots of time with my husband and babies and these are far more important that all the organizational things on my SHOULD DO LIST;-)

Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Signs of Our God and Answered Prayers

If any of you keep up with my facebook, you would have noticed that the last 4-5months of my life has been consumed of little league baseball! With two boys, Zander-8yrs old and Gabe-6yrs old, we have been to alot of practices, games, and tournaments! And I must say it has been ALOT OF FUN!

This past week, my oldest son Zander played in the Dixie 8U Coach Pitch State Tournament! His team is amazing and Zander has played his heart out all year long! He has a very successful year. He has hit 6 HRs! He is an amazing First Basemen! And he and his teammates NEVER QUIT!

The double elimination tournament started last Saturday. We played 6 games before advancing into the Championship game. We won our bracket and Prosper (a rivalry team just 15minutes away from Gunter---that several friends play on) won their bracket. The championship game was played on Saturday. It was a best two out of three game series.

So Wednesday morning, we played game one! We lost 5-3. We had cold bats and our defense was still in bed, it seemed. Bad news though! Not only did we lose, but rain was headed our way. The Dixie League Commissioner had said if our next games were rained out, that Prosper would automatically be the State Champs (for the THIRD TIME). Our first game was at 9:30 but our next games was scheduled for 5pm and 7:30pm. At 2:00 we all were in the hotel lobbies feeding the kids SPARKS energy drinks and oranges and watching the storms approaching the area. There was an 80% chance of thunderstorms!

At this moment I begin to tell the boys and pray! Pray that the good Lord will give you the opportunity to play the next two games....give you a chance at winning the STATE TITLE!

My own personal prayer was...."Dear Lord, these boys worked very hard for this! Please be BIG and show them how you can work for them in this silly little game of baseball. Keep the rain away! And if it be your will....may they win this!"

We began our games at 4:30 since it was obvious the rain was just minutes away! And let me just tell was so amazing just looking at those clouds. There were rain clouds on every side of us...but blue skies above us! Not only for game 2 but game 3 too!! It was as the Lord opened the skies so we could play ball right there on that field for 4hours! And would you know...we WON!!!! Our boys won game TWO 15-14 and game THREE 8-5. It was so exciting and so fun!

After the game...we were in the car driving and talking and discussing the game! At one moment I looked at Zander and asked "Did you pray?" and he replied YES... and I told him "that none of this could be possible without the Lord. He gets the Glory for win! He gave you the gifts and talents and the heart and drive to play good ball. And Zander did you realize, there was a 80% chance of rain today?" He said "Yes, was supposed to rain but not a single drop fell.." At that moment...we saw two rainbows out of our car window. WOW! I said "Look Zander! Just another sign that God is in control!". We then start talking about rainbows, the FLOOD, etc. Then right then and there we see a diesel truck that is completely covered with signs that say JESUS CHRIST IS LORD! GOD IS IN CONTROL!

Now let me tell you....I have never seen a diesel truck with anything such thing written on it....and the timeliness of seeing this one rare truck was not accident! I know my God is in control! And I know He answers prayers in a big way! But on that big game day, I sure did appreciate how God totally showed my Zander how He was in control and He does answer prayers! There is no doubt in my mind or heart that Zander understands that now!

Now on to the WORLD SERIES:-)

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


The last couple of days I have been preparing for our next SUMMER SUNDAY LESSON for the Children's Ministry! As I was studying and preparing....I was reminded of how God's Word, even through a more simplified study, applies and speaks to me! This was God speaking and today I heard him loud and clear!

The good wasn't one of those times where God got my attention, where I immediately knew I was sinning, or doing something wrong....

Instead, this time I was told to STOP-REFLECT-MEDITATE! How "JoYoUs" it was that I listened to God and actually took the time to see what He wanted me to see!

This week's SUNDAY lesson we will learn about THE SERMON ON THE MOUNT---or the BEATITUDES(Luke 6:21-26). We will study MANY things in this lesson, but what really stuck out to me this time was the word "BLESSED".

In one of the activities we will ask our kids to reread the scriptures to substitute "HAPPY" for the word "BLESSED". For some reason, when I went back to do this....I found myself at peace...and smiling! It felt good! These scriptures are promised blessings or happiness that Jesus made for the people who have unfair situations!

When I started rereading the scriptures and thinking of all the unfairness in my life or in the lives of others whom I love around really started to sink in! WOW! I am BLESSED! I am HAPPY!

Ten "Blessed" or "Happies" that I thanked God for today!
1. Happy am I that I am God's.
2. Happy am I that I am not rich in money or earthly possessions...but I am rich in God's love!
3. Happy am I that I have a mom who is healing after a cancer scare.
4. Happy am I that my babies are healthy and always near (and who like being near me)
5. Happy am I that I see that God has chosen me! It has been made clear to me after my last trip to Israel, that He has always chosen me!!! WOW! Just took me 34.5years to see it!
6. Happy am I that I am learning more and more each day that I can be comfortable and not be ashamed of being God's workmanship!
7. Happy am I that I choose to live my life to glorify my good God!
8. Happy am I that I have a best friend who is my husband!
9. Happy am I that I was chosen to study these scriptures this week:-)
10. Happy am I that this list will never really end.............

I am "blessed" and that makes me happy! Thank you Jesus for your promises!!!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Sticks and Ball + Sweating Parents = Dirty Boys Playing Baseball

If you think about it, it's kind of a funny thing to be so excited about a stick and a ball and 9 boys standing in a field hitting the ball with the stick! HAHA! But it sure is alot of fun, too. Todd and I have enjoyed every minute of little league baseball this spring/summer. Both boys are playing coach pitch. Gabe plays on a 6U team and Zander is playing his last year on an 8U team! Both boys have had a great season...and a winning season. But I must say, Zander's little team is AMAZING! They are beating teams that are from the big cities, that play year round! They are winning big tournaments and just doing amazing things! We are expected to make it to STATE and even have a good shot of making it to the World Series! How cool would that be to have little 2A team make it big.

Right now they are ranked #1 in the Nation and State for USSSA.

We have alot more baseball coming up, as both boys are on ALL STAR teams and both are playing select too! But here is a video from our Celina-Gunter Tournament. Twenty teams and we finished second against the Texas Quick (who is a Kid Pitch team) and usually plays up a division, and has kids from the HEB area! WOW! Score 12-8.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Florida- The simple things I don't want to forget...

The beach vacation was awesome! Three full days of water, sun, and sand....and my family! No cell signals, no chores, no practices, no work.... Just me and time with my family! Totally priceless! And I am so thankful that God had this nice trip planned for us!

I thought I would take the time to jot down a few things I don't want to forget... Mind you, these things may mean absolutely nothing to you, but they are very important to me! They are all SIMPLE but made me smile each time I witnessed them!

1. Gabe- He is always cautious and wants to stay safe...and wants other safe too.
***EX: We rode seados for two hours one morning. Gabe sat in front of Todd and Zander rode on the back. Todd said that Gabe asked every minute or so..."Dad, is Zander still hanging on? Dad, did Zander fall off? Dad, could you check to see if Zander is okay behind you?" LOL
***EX: There was a "outgoing" little 4yr old boy...who was quite the challenge for his mother playing near us on the beach. The little boy snuck off and Gabe came up to me and said "Mom, that boy's momma needs to go get him! He is going to drown. Could you please tell his mom about our boobie rule?"---We had a rule for our kids, don't go past your boobie marks (nipples) while playing in the water or you will have to sit out for 20minutes." LOL

2. Zander- He is sooo funny! Such a wise crack...especially with his daddy! They are so funny together. But one thing that Todd pointed out was the way he would laugh at himself the end of his sentences as he told us funny little stories or statements. I love his laugh!! The boy gets his wittiness from his daddy for sure! I really enjoyed just sitting back and watching Todd and Zander. I can see there is a special bond between the two of them. Love watching them joke around with each other and love watching them play Paddle Ball...which they did alot of!!!

3. Addison- This could be the last year that my little girl looks like a little girl, as I have noticed she is growing so fast. She is changing quickly. And before too long she will be more of a lady than a girl! YIKES! But she still loves being around me...loves time with me....and thinks I am the best! We spent lots of time floating out further than the boys would like to go! But it was nice...just being with my daughter! Playing, singing, and laughing! I know this may never come to an end, but I also know that with the teen years fast approaching, there will be much less of that happening! So sad:-( She is such a sweet and caring little girl! And did I tell you...she loves to shop too:-) LOL

4. My husband- He is just GOOD! Love that man so much! And I know he loves me too! I can tell...:-) This trip, I was reminded of what first attracted me to him physically---those BLUE EYES! Being near the blue water and sky, boy-those eyes sparkle! But my man seems to always impress me with how he enjoys the simple things! I loved every minute of sitting on the beach with our feet in the sand together, as we looked at the beautiful beach and our kids who played on it. And those evenings when we went down to the beach before sundown....just to put our feet in the water, needed no chairs or towels....and then watched the sun go down as we talked and walked along the beach with our babies! Simple things...but such good things!!!

What a great three days I had to be able to slow down and really absorb my family in! Thanks to my God for having this trip planned out for us! Thanks to my God for showing me your love...

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Vacation and Two Piece Bathing Suits

Tomorrow about 10am, we will pull our kids out of school early and head to............DESTIN, FLORIDA! YAE!!!! I am so excited! And guess what, I went to Dillards yesterday (twice, as I drove all the way there to realize I left my wallet at home :-/, and had to drive all the way back home to get it). I went straight to the bathing suit area and felt soo stressed just looking at all the cute suits.

See, they are all cute on the hangers, models, and posters all over the place. But somehow the mirror never reflects the same images:-) LOL! Anyhow... I seriously tried on at least 50 suits. But guess what???? I actually found SEVERAL I $250 later and 1.5 hours later, I had bought...not one suit, not two suits, but THREE SUITS!! LOL But they all mix and match really well. I bought two two pieces suits, one with a skirt and another with short/brief bottoms, and then one tikini:-) I even bought a cute LUCKY brand bikini top.....but didn't get the bottoms to match. Those days are LONG GONE! LOL!

I came home to LOCK my daughter and myself in my bedroom in front of the full length mirror and had her PINKY PROMISE to tell me the honest to God truth. And she will! She gets her honesty from me! LOL! But she loved them all.... She even told me I was gonna be the best fit mom at the beach! I assured her that was probably wrong, but I am a heck of alot closer this year than I was last year!

Can't wait to post pics of our vacation:-) Bring on the sun!!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Sweet Chicken! Took measurements today:-)

So....I have had hit a plateau on the weight loss in the last 3weeks... Frustrating but still not about to give up. I know my body needs some time to adjust to the new SCHEDULE of becoming a long distance runner and eating right!

But, I have downloaded a GREAT APPLICATION for my Iphone called MyNetDiary which I think is AWESOME! You can get it online, as well! With this tool I am not only journaling what I eat and how I exercise, but it also will analysis my eating pattern and tell me what I need more of and eat less of. I am not "nutritional savy" when doctors talk about saturated fats and such, but I do think this tool will slowly teach me more about these foods and what they are made up and what all this really MEANS?!?! I don't want to be so focused on the weight loss that I don't truly learn how to eat....which means learn how to maintain once I hit my goal!

But I as I was checking this application out, I noticed it asked for measurements...which dawned on me that I had not done measurements in quite some time....

I was THRILLED with the results! Made me realize how far I have actually come:-) And these measurements weren't even at my heaviest... Matter of fact... I had lost about 15lbs at this point doing the elimination diet! But within two months I was back up to 182lbs! YIKES..So keep in mind, I was close to 165 with these measurements

Weight Oct. 165lbs (when I did the orginal measurements)
Dec. 182lbs (weight before thyroid)
May 144lbs
So...keep in mind these measurements are my October 165lbs!
Neck 13in---12.75in
Chest 36.5---35.25
Bust 38.5---37.25
Upper Arm 12.25---11.25
Waist 12.25---11.25
Hips 40----39
Thighs 22---21.25
Calve 14.75---14
bicep 12----10
tric 14---14
back fat (had a fancy word I cant spell) 23---15 AMAZING!
iliac 24-23


HALLELUJAH!!!! I am so excited. I still have some work....but looking back and celebrating from where I come from sure gives me a big boost!

Tomorrow----I face the dressing room and must remember this!
It is time for me to buy the dreaded bathing suit! WISH ME LUCK!!! This always makes me sad:-) LOL But if I play my cards right, hopefully before summer ends, I will need to downsize my bathing suit one more time!

Spontaneous Vacation

Well....we have had a "somewhat" of a vacation planned for the last two months. Grant it, it was based around my oldest son's baseball team! But it was time away...time in a hotel, time in the sun, time not CLEANING! OR COOKING! and just being away from responsibility! But today, we got news that our Oklahoma City Weekend Tournament did not make! Hotels were canceled and some 8yr old boys hearts' were broke! And yes, so was mom and dad's heart!

So today....we are searching! My husband and I have already taken a few days off for this planned vacation, so we don't want to lose it. But we also don't want to waste it by staying home doing HONEY DOs. Even though, there are plenty of things TO DO here:-)

A few things we are discussing and looking into:
1) Meet my sister in law halfway like somewhere in New Mexico!?!?! They live in California and we are here in Texas? But where and what would we do?
2) Go to Destin, FL, the place we went last year. The little cabana is available and it still priced right?? Sounds good to me!
3) Sea World and San Antonio??? HOT! HOT! HOT!


Monday, May 17, 2010

Getting Rid of the Checklist


It seems life has been completely and utterly NUTS since Spring Break. Not sure how it happened but all of a sudden I find myself living by checking off my checklist! YIKES! Who wants to live like that! Now grant it, the checklist does help me get things done, but it doesn't allow me to live the life GOD had planned. Just a life I seem to plan with checkmarks. From work, to household responsibilities, to health/fitness, and yes even to time with God. list consist of far more than just those things I mentioned....just like your checklist must look too. But today I woke up and said to myself. ONLY making a TOP 5 List for each day! And the first three things are a must...
1) Spend time with God (in His Word or prayer or even an Iphone application while working out)
2) Make it a priority to spend "QUALITY TIME" with at least one person from my family each day. May not be all day affair but even a uninterrupted 2 minute talk or walk with a child...or even my husband could make a huge difference!
3) Keep my workout/eating habits in check---
And then #4 and #5....are my TO DOs....which will most likely be work and house chores.

Now...guess what.... this is still a list!!! URGH! But I have to taper myself away from it first! RIGHT???

Saturday, May 15, 2010

The LAST TIME..... So sad:-(

Today, it dawned on me that I will never again have a kindergartner. My baby boy, Gabe, who is now 6 years old, has two more weeks of kindergarten. Really, I know its not that big of a step (cos in Texas, kindergarten is fulltime)....but it really is for MOMMY! Kindergarten still sounds so young but the thought of never again having a child in kindergarten just seems so unbelievable to me (and makes me feel old too:-) ).

Today was Gabe's last regular season game of peewee U6 Coach Pitch, too. And yes, I kept looking in the dugout and, look how little and dang cute these little boys are. Luckily for me, I have seen these little bitty boys play ball together the last two years. They don't come any cuter or any smaller. And to see these little guys get up to the home plate, with a helmet that out weighs their body weight, and a bat that takes all the muscle they have to just swing it....and then to see everyone of them hit these little hits and run as fast as their little bodies will carry them.... it's just the cutest little thing you have ever seen! These boys are having fun. In matter of fact, they don't even care who won or lost cos they are having so much fun!

But...those days are slowly coming to an end. My Gabriel will never again be this small or play peewee5/6 coach pitch again.

But he will always be my BABY---no matter what he thinks or says.

Oh---another sad thing and another oldest baby will be in middle school next year. But I am still in denial about that! I will post on the first day of school when I CRY after I drop her off with all those mean preteens:-) LOL

Thursday, May 6, 2010


I have recently added a few little gadgets to my blog. Two tickers...1)Half Marathon Goal 2) Weight loss goal. I have also added a mileage gadget on the side of my blog. This little thing tells me how far I ran and when I ran last...and then one tells me my total for the WHOLE time I have been logging my mileage!

So a little history is a must at this point since I have been on a blogging sabbatical recently.

Brief Info that will catch you up:
1) Almost four years ago I lost a ton of weight. I was a STAY AT HOME MOM and slowly became addicted to running. Ran 10miles two times but mainly ran 4-6miles 4 times a week. I got down to 128lbs and a size 6.
2) Started working full time. Slowly gained weight and decreased mileage (but never stopped running). I ran more like 2-3miles about 3 times week!
3) In January 2009, I decided to put my health/fitness/weight as a priority, since I was working part-time in Gunter...and I was starting to feel emotionally, spiritually, physically...just not myself.
4) October 09, I was frustrated! DONE! HAD IT!! I was still gaining weight after a year of boot camps and running 2-3 miles 4x a week....and eating right....or even eating organically! I went in for a consultation and my annual exam with a new local doctor. I weighed in at 176:-(
5) December 09- After blood work, we found out I had an underactive thyroid, low progesterone, and needed to start on hormone pills. YIKES! I was nervous...cos I was now 182lbs. What if this was a long process I was about to start feeling worse and getting FATTER???
6) One week after the thyroid and progesterone medicine, I was back to my old self.... Meaning, I was sleeping great again, more energy during the day, not so emotional, my hair wasn't falling out in clumps, and exercising was easier!
7) February and March 2010- I feel AWESOME, the weight is coming off, and running is becoming one of my favorite things to do again! I increased my mileage to 2-5miles about 4X a week and still doing boot camp!
8) May 2010- Just got back from my monthly doctor's follow up. Got my bloodwork done and everything is NORMAL. I will remain on my hormone pills for 6 more months before we re-test and see how everything is holding out! I have gone from a size 14 to a size 8. I have gone from 182lbs to 144lbs. My personal goal is to be 138lbs.

Now, I have another new goal. About 4 weeks ago, I found the dailymile website from a friend's facebook post. I love this tool. It allows me to map out my runs. I can record how fast I ran, and it will calculate my calories, and it's a great training and encouraging tool because you become friends with other runners and learn so much from them. I began to map out all sorts of routes....which led me to try one of them. I had only ran 5miles at one time, but decided to go run an 8mile course I mapped out. I had intended to walk some, if need be, but I ended up running the whole 8miles and it really didn't hurt too bad. At that time, I realize "I THINK I CAN DO A HALF MARATHON". So now...I am looking into some local races and trying to learn more about marathons. My max run has been 10miles. And I am even considering participating in an HALF-IRON MAN in October???

I KNOW! I KNOW! CRAZY! But "I really think I can" do this!!! LOL!

The Weekend of Champions!

What a fun, fun weekend the Turner family had! Todd and I have spent the whole last few weeks being super busy running kids everywhere. One parent runs one child to one game, another takes or picks a kid up from practice, while another parent helps coach a practice, and then we will meet up at the late game, etc..... LOL! We have a rule that the kids can only participate in one sport at a time. But this spring has been a whirlwind of filling gas tanks, icing down water and Gatorade, and lunging around lawn chairs. Two boys playing baseball and a lady in volleyball!

This past weekend, Addison had her end of the year tournament in volleyball. This was her first year to play (and my first year to coach). I won't lie, the first game we played was a NIGHTMARE! But after a month of practicing (Mrs. Sara Price was sweet enough to run practices so she could teach me volleyball too), a few games lost and a few games tied, I must say, we drastically improved. So in our tournament....we won our first two games which put us in the championship game....which had us receive 2nd place! The girls were so proud...and I was so proud of them too:-)

Then on a weekend of anticipated thunderstorms....we also had two more baseball tournaments..... 1) Gabe's first little 5/6 Coach Pitch Celina Tournament and 2) Zander's Young Gun Tournament (select team) in McKinney-Triple Creek. Expecting to have a few rainouts or rain delays, we were pleasantly surprised! The weather couldn't have been more perfect for a great weekend of baseball. No rain, just a few clouds...and then alot of sun!

But Todd and I had to at least spend several dollars worth of gas running back and forth between Celina and McKinney on Saturday and Sunday. And to be honest with you...we didn't expect to be playing much or long on Sunday with the boys. We really thought they would be beat out of their tournaments sometime early on Sunday. Why?? .....1)Gabe's team is so young and inexperienced 2) Zander's team was in a 15 team tournament with some really good teams!
But guess what??? Gabe's team ended up winning all their games but the championship game. So they were awarded 2nd place:-) And Zander's team played UNBELIEVABLE. The won 6 straight games....and even beat the Irving Canes (amazingly awesome team) to be placed in the championship game against a team we meet up several times in tournaments...the Frisco Rough Riders. We only beat them 13-12! It was so much fun and so stressful:-) HAHA!

So needless to say....Todd and I are very proud of my kids. Not because they all came in with trophies, but because of their hardwork, good attitudes, and how they apply themselves. Trophy or no trophy....they are my big winners! Oh, how I thanked God for a wonderful weekend of enjoying them and the weather and the dear friends that come along in these environments!

---But it was way cool to come home with 3 trophies still:-) HAHA

Monday, April 26, 2010


The other day, my husband and I were taking the kids to Muenster, Texas to participate in the German Fest festivities! On our way, we saw a church....called THE CHURCH OF BALANCE. It grabbed my attention, because it seems that is what I seem to struggle with most in my life....BALANCE!

The dictionary defines BALANCE in several ways........
1.a state of equilibrium or equipoise; equal distribution of weight, amount, etc.
2.something used to produce equilibrium; counterpoise.
3.mental steadiness or emotional stability; habit of calm behavior, judgment, etc.

OKAY---these I get. I can BALANCE my life. I can be mentally steady, right? Calm behavior, yes? Judgment, Who am I do judge????

But look at these other definitions for BALANCE....

-the remainder or rest
-the power or ability to decide an outcome by throwing one's strength, influence, support, or the like, to one side or the other.
-equality between the totals of the two sides of an account.
-the difference between the debit total and the credit total of an account.
-the act of balancing; comparison as to weight, amount, importance, etc.; estimate.
-preponderating weight:

OH! I am so tired just reading over those! It seems I struggle with balance in my life. I can always recognize what is OUT of balance and can adjust it....but it seems that when I do adjust it, something else is thrown out of balance!
For example: Recently.... I discovered after almost 2 years of hard workouts, running, eating right, counting calories, and all, that I have an under active thyroid. So we begin to get medications for that. Since then I have lost quite a bit of weight and my energy level is BACK! So running has become one of my favorite things to do again. Running is great, cause this is where I spend lots of time mediating on God's Word and having great prayer time (uninterrupted). However, more running time may be good for me, but running an hour or so a day takes away from daily chores or even time spent checking kids homework (this was an issue with Addison two weeks ago). URG!
So I had the talk with the family....we decided we must get on a better schedule. We have dry erase calendars in the playroom, along with DAILY TO DO LIST!. We also hung hooks on the wall for kids backpacks and jackets....and made some adjustment to our house and family to start using these tools to help us better maintain the house AND schoolwork! Yes... it worked but not without throwing something else out of balance!!!!

So this week, workout is good, work is good, homework and housework is good....but guess what I haven't taken the time to do today because housework got in the way??? YAP, haven't opened my Bible least not yet! And what I am about to say is worse. I don't think I opened my Bible yesterday either (this doesn't count me helping PreK and Kindergarten students find Jeremiah in their Bibles). It was Sunday for crying out loud.... HOW DID I NOT OPEN MY BIBLE ALL DAY!!!!! UGH!

This blog post can go on and on about how it seems that I spend my life ADJUSTING my schedule just to try to make it BALANCE out! But I admit, I don't know if I will ever figure this BALANCE thing out! LOL!

(Maybe I should use this blog to help me organize a better daily plan for me to follow HAHA)

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Ideas for this Blog's been quite some time since I have last posted on here! Life has been busy! Life has been crazy! But my life has definitely been good! I have so many new things going on in my life right now! I have so many things I would like to share, but just not sure how, nor if anyone really cares! I am not even sure how I want to use this blog anymore.

When I initially started blogging, I did it so my family and friends could check in on me and my family and see what we were doing....but it seems facebook has taken the place of that purpose. So now.....All I have to share is more personal stuff. But who wants to hear personal stuff? YUCK! LOL! But I am trying to decide if I want to use the blog to see my own personal growth??? Perhaps, but then again, I am not sure I want everyone knowing the TRUTH about my struggles! LOL! My struggles are real, just like everyone else. From weight lose, to parenting, to sticking to God's word, to dealing with insecurities..... I have them! All of them! So I am praying about it... and I may venture into it! We will see!