Thursday, October 28, 2010

Big Sisters and Little Brothers

This week I became a "BIG SISTER" again and was able to witness my daughter be a "BIG SISTER" too! I know...I am confusing you, cos no one was added to the family through married or through a new birth.

For me, I grew up with one younger sibling, Grady! Oh how I adored my little brother (and still do). He was cute, small, and SMART! We were totally different and still are so different. See, he is the quiet one, but very funny. While I liked being center of attention and thought I was funny, but really wasn't. He was bit more shy (kind-of), I was NOT! He is musically talented and can figure things out that only the highly intellectuals can figure out. I am the athletic one and lets just say, I have to study---ALOT--- to understand things. LOL! This list can go on and on.

As adults, I have my own family of five and live in our small hometown by our parents. I am actively involved in our little hometown, and I have become that SOCCER MOM.... Grady has a beautiful 4yr old son, Hayden,-- is single, lives in the city, and has had some conflicts in his life in the last couple of years. He is doing well right now....but the other night, for the first time in our adult life, he called me to TALK. He is not one to call and TALK! I am usually the one calling him to pry information from him!!! -- But this time, he just need to talk to someone that was close to him! I spent over an hour listening to my adult baby brother talk. I felt like a BIG SISTER all over again. But this time, I offer very little advice but more importantly I offered him my support, prayer, and ears!!! I loved that he came to me, like he did when we both lived at home!

Now about my sweet Addison---She had to write a paper over her favorite RELATIVE for an English assignment. I thought she would have picked one of her grandmothers, her aunt from California, or her cousin from California. But to my surprise, she wrote about her little brother, Zander. I think she was the only 5th grader that wrote about a sibling! I know it seems like something so simply, but a mom and a big sister myself, I know that this really meant more to Addison! I love seeing my three children growing, learning, and laughing together! And to be honest, I get a little teary-eyed when I think that I only have about 8more years to watch them do this together before they start living separate lives.

My prayer is that they grow closer though the years....and that they will always have each other for support, encouragement, and as prayer warriors for the rest of their lives:-)

Thursday, October 21, 2010

My "Cheap" Hobby Becomes an Expensive Obsession

The title says it all! Since having my youngest child, Gabe (now almost 7yrs old). I have picked up the hobby and exercise of running. I have always been a runner but never much more then 2-4miles about 3-4times a week. But last December, after I got my thyroid medicines for the first energy levels began to peak again..... My running was becoming easier so more mileage was added. And the weight was falling off. In the past, I have always said...running is so easy and convenient.
---"All you need is a good pair of running shoes and the ability to push through the pain when it gets tough!"

Well, if you have been reading my blog.... my hobby is not so cheap anymore! Now that I am getting serious about running in competitions (competing against myself in the races), I have needed much more than a good pair of shoes! I got a big laugh at myself the other day, as I glanced in the mirror to see ALL THE STUFF I have accumulated for my runs these days. Take a look at me!
OK! Let me just tell what I have these days:-)
This is my latest purchase (thanks to a gift certificate that my church gave me as an appreciation gift). They are UnderArmor sports sunglasses. I LOVE THEM!!! So light weight:-) I have never owned a pair of sunglasses that were over $ these are very "SPECIAL" to me!!!!

And here is my handy dandy protection gear. Pepper spray! Yap, I run out in the country/backroads. At times, stray dogs are around and fenced dogs get out! This makes me feel like I can take on any monster that gets after me..... Not to mention any creepy humans that may be around! Watch out!!!!

And my shoes:-) Got to love my asics!!!! This is my third pair! Love them! Love them! Love them!

And my very FAVORITE PURCHASE OF ALL.....the one thing that I have wanted for a while. I finally purchased a Garmin 405 Forerunner Watch! I so love this gadget! It's an amazing tool and companion on a run! It is unbelievable all the things you can do on this watch and with this watch!!! It has already improved my run tremedously in the short time I have had it!

I still have many other things that I take on my runs.... Take a look back at my mirror picture......
1) Got to love my visor! The visor is great for keeping sweat, hair, and sun out of my eyes...and sometimes rain!
2) My Iphone----This is a HUGE necessity! Not only do I use it for emergency phone calls for me or for my family to contact me, but the music on the iphone is an absolute MUST!
3) My handy dandy BELT! I only wear this belt when I know I am running 10+ miles. It has two water bottles and one pocket for energy snacks or pills or any other things you might want to take along. I use this about every 10 days, as I usually run a REAL-LONG run about every 10 days:-)
4) Lastly, something you can't see in the picture but it is my heart rate monitor. It is actually under my shirt just under my chest. It actually wraps around my whole chest and back and works in conjunction with the Garmin watch. I had doubts about this gadget, as I thought it would be uncomfortable, but I can't even feel it on me! In matter of fact, I forgot I had it on one day and wore it for about 2 additional hours. I am currently learning how to train using heart rate data. :-) That will be a later post:-)

I feel prepared for a good run! So I am about to go get one in right now!!! LOL! But you know what I just started thinking about?? With winter months fast approaching, it won't be long until I need to purchase winter running clothes! LOL!

I told ya this hobby wasn't so cheap anymore!!!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Boys of Fall

This past week was a big week for my small town! It was Homecoming week!!!! Nothing says what Homecoming and Football means to a small town like mine, like this song does; THE BOYS OF FALL! So a made a clip with some picture from my boys football practices and games and then some homecoming pictures, as well!!!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Student Holiday

Today the kids were off of school while the teachers had a staff development day! I really wasn't aware that the kids were off until I got a phone message last Friday from the school messaging system, but wow, what a treat!

Today has been an absolutely beautiful, relaxing Monday. First of all, it was a rainy stormy morning!!! So not having the alarm set was SWEETNESS!! Then the cool front brought great temperatures for outside play and work:-)

And my sweet hubby loves being with the family that he took today off too (last minute). What a treat!! He watched the kids this morning so I could go to workout with my friend. Then he and his dad spent much of the day working on extending the shed for more storage area. And now Todd is cooking us all a great chicken, potato, and corn on the cob meal from the grill:-) YUMMMY! Love my man!!! (and Jim too)

And my kids: Gabe has been in and out all day. Todd gave him a LEGO surprise; a fire station city. It's huge. And would you believe he has spent at least half of his day working on the lego project?? He is amazing at building these things and working from the instruction books!
Zander has been doing what he does best....playing front yard football with the neighborhood boys, playing in the muddy creek and riding scooters! And my Addie girl has been playing outside with Alexis (our neighbor) painting nails, making art projects, and running in to play on Yoville from time to time! Oh, and we let them run to Sonic to have lunch---so she feels so special:-)

For me, well I typically spend my Mondays getting the house back together, playing catchup on emails, doing laundry, getting groceries and making my weekly to do list. But today, I was able to sit with my girlfriends for a few and discuss life with them. And BTW, I have the best girlfriends ever!!! LOL.... And then the rest of my day has been sitting back and just watching and enjoying the blessings I have in my life! AWWWE!! I don't deserve this life I live! But I am grateful for it! Thanks Jesus for making me slow down today and see how much you love me:-)

Monday, October 4, 2010

T.H.I.N.K. before you Speak

What is your sin that you struggle with??? YIKES! I know, I know, not a very pleasant question to start off a post. But today at church, Roy spoke on qualifications of a deacon. Amazing how we as Christians should all aspire to qualify as a deacon (servant).

But one section specifically spoke to me..... GOSSIP! Yes, I try everyday to not do this, but it seems to always happen! SAD, SAD! I always have good intentions not to talk too much or even listen too much....but it always seems to cross that line that leaves me asking myself at night "Should I have said that?"

So this post is for ME!----Roy gave us an acronym that would help a person decide if they should or should not speak about another person in a setting. Feel free to take notes.......


T- True---The things you are speaking---are they truth?
H-Helpful--Are the things you are speaking and sharing helpful to the persons involved?
I- Inspiring- The things you speak about this person...are they inspiring in any way?
N- Necessary- Is it necessary to share this information about the other individual?
K- Kind- Are the things you are saying or sharing kind?

OUCH!!!! Stings a bit, doesn't it??? I don't know about you, but usually when I talk about another person, I am good about speaking TRUTH and hoping to be HELPFUL but I usually don't inspire my peers to help out and I know it's not necessary to share ALL the information I dish out. And yes, oh yes, I start off with speaking only kindly....but by the end, there is usually nothing KIND that came from the conversation!

I am going to post this acronym all over my house, car, office, etc. And I am taking this one straight to God! Got to stop and THINK from here on out!!!!