Thursday, October 28, 2010

Big Sisters and Little Brothers

This week I became a "BIG SISTER" again and was able to witness my daughter be a "BIG SISTER" too! I know...I am confusing you, cos no one was added to the family through married or through a new birth.

For me, I grew up with one younger sibling, Grady! Oh how I adored my little brother (and still do). He was cute, small, and SMART! We were totally different and still are so different. See, he is the quiet one, but very funny. While I liked being center of attention and thought I was funny, but really wasn't. He was bit more shy (kind-of), I was NOT! He is musically talented and can figure things out that only the highly intellectuals can figure out. I am the athletic one and lets just say, I have to study---ALOT--- to understand things. LOL! This list can go on and on.

As adults, I have my own family of five and live in our small hometown by our parents. I am actively involved in our little hometown, and I have become that SOCCER MOM.... Grady has a beautiful 4yr old son, Hayden,-- is single, lives in the city, and has had some conflicts in his life in the last couple of years. He is doing well right now....but the other night, for the first time in our adult life, he called me to TALK. He is not one to call and TALK! I am usually the one calling him to pry information from him!!! -- But this time, he just need to talk to someone that was close to him! I spent over an hour listening to my adult baby brother talk. I felt like a BIG SISTER all over again. But this time, I offer very little advice but more importantly I offered him my support, prayer, and ears!!! I loved that he came to me, like he did when we both lived at home!

Now about my sweet Addison---She had to write a paper over her favorite RELATIVE for an English assignment. I thought she would have picked one of her grandmothers, her aunt from California, or her cousin from California. But to my surprise, she wrote about her little brother, Zander. I think she was the only 5th grader that wrote about a sibling! I know it seems like something so simply, but a mom and a big sister myself, I know that this really meant more to Addison! I love seeing my three children growing, learning, and laughing together! And to be honest, I get a little teary-eyed when I think that I only have about 8more years to watch them do this together before they start living separate lives.

My prayer is that they grow closer though the years....and that they will always have each other for support, encouragement, and as prayer warriors for the rest of their lives:-)

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