Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A New TeamKID....

I thought this story was worth sharing.

To understand, you will first need to know about our Wednesday night program at church. Wednesday nights we have a program that is called TeamKID. It has become a huge outreach for our children's ministry. Since moving to a new facility (in the middle of "old Gunter") we have beyond tripled in attendance/roster numbers and have many underprivileged children walking to the church to participate.

In the last three weeks we have one very "spirited" hispanic kid attending. His name is Carlos, but you can't help but to love this kid.

This past week I was up at the elementary school doing my weekly reading conferences with my daughter's class. Carlos is in another grade but sees me from the other side of the school. He immediately sees me and comes running to me..."Ms. Mandy, Ms. Mandy! What are we doing this week at church?!?! What will you be teaching us?" I respond with some quick conversation and tell him we will be studying King Solomon. He was so excited about it!! So sweet!

Then tonight he arrives at the church about an hour early. Not only does he come early, but comes with his worksheet filled out, his verse memorized, and with a friend. He was so excited....and so was I. As he was showing me everything he had prepared and brought to TeamKID, I began to look over his worksheet. The worksheet had a slot where the child was to write a brief prayer to God. His prayer was so sincere and sweet. He was thanking God for our program and how much fun he was having learning about him! It was so awesome to read!!!

A friend of mine (the TeamKID worship leader) and I spent the next half hour getting to know this little boy. What a joy it was to listen to him talk about his family, what makes him laugh, about school, and about how excited he was that is was Wednesday.

As the night finished up Carlos approached me and said, "Thank you Ms. Mandy for helping and teaching me tonight!"

WOW! Isn't God good.....

Monday, February 23, 2009

Boot Camp Session ONE Results

The results are in...... and I guess I am pleased so far.

For those of you who do not know about BOOT CAMP, let me give you a brief summary. Boot camp is just a term for group fitness training with a trainer instructing us. This is not your typical KILL you boot camp. This is more of a circuit type training which is actually quite fun with out stressing you or your body out too much.

Now some history on myself. I have always been the athletic and active type. But after having babies and suddenly not working out the majority of my day, my bad eating habits caught up with me and I had gained some "poundage". I have lost the weight twice but seem to always gain it back. But I think it is because I usually go to the extreme when trying to loss weight. Two and half years ago I was the smallest I had ever been (even as high school athlete or college athlete). I was wearing loss size 6's and weighed 128-132. But I was also addicted to RUNNING! Yes, you heard that correct...running. I ran ALL THE TIME, and often times every day of the week.

This time around, I have opted to do it at a PACE. I have made it a promise to myself not to run more than 4mi a day and no more than 4 times a week. I have also been doing this boot camp 2 times a week....which is one of my favorite things to do all week!

There have been 8 of us in this group. We are all different ages, shapes, sizes, etc. But we are having so much fun. The support is awesome and the friendships we make along the way are just added bonus....and yes the lost "poundage", too!

So after 6 weeks we were able to do our measurements. I have only lost a few pounds but have lost from 32% body fat down to 28% body fat. I have lost 4.5inches total, as well. So I am making some progress even if the scales is still weighing me higher than I would want. I feel great and I feel confident that I will and can reach my goal of getting back into my 8's (maybe even a few of the 6s) by this summer.

This Thursday we will be starting another session! I am hoping for some big results in the scales this time;-)

Saturday, February 21, 2009

It's Time

I can't tell you how many times I have wanted to sit down this week to blog. But it was one of those know the kind.....BUSY!!! HA!

I am trying to decide what to blog about! Do I blog about the two crazy days of subbing for a PreK class at my old private school? Do I tell you about what is going on at work and in the children's ministry? Do I tell you about God of the City and what I have learned? Or maybe I should tell you about the progress I have and haven't made in boot (fitness) camp? Or about my two boys starting soccer this weekend? Oh wait!! I could tell you about my ordeal with "accidently" high jacking two trucks and setting off two car alarms after TeamKIDs on Wednesday in the church parking lot!!! HA!

Oh, this list can go on and on....but I choose to spare you some time!

Instead, I am going to blog about FRIENDSHIP! This topic has been coming up ALOT now days. I am wondering if God is trying to draw my attention to it! HUMM! And now with the tools of facebook, some old friendships are starting to resurface again....some good and some bad.

Some history....I had a very best friend here from Gunter. We have known each other, I think, for a lifetime. Our families went to the same church, we attended Gunter schools (Kindergarten-12th grade), we were much like sisters. We spoke very honestly to one another and we always had each others backs. It is interesting because we were total OPPOSITES by every means.

I tend to think that because of our sister like relationship, I was the protective and more experienced or mature one.

But something changed once I left to go off to college. For the first year, not much changed. I was only 1.5hrs from home and came home quite often! But my sophomore year was totally different. We slowly started drifting apart....then by my junior year (once I had moved to an university 3.5hrs away), things took a turn for the worst.

I won't and can't go into details of what was happening in her life then, but my life was turned upside down at this time. I had a boyfriend of 2.5years that had totally betrayed me and lied to me. I admit, this was the worst time in my life!!! But to my suprise, I recieved a letter from my best friend one day. So thankful that she wrote me...knowing that she knew I needed my spirits lifted.

Quite the opposite happened. It was a horrible, horrible hate letter written to me. First of all, she had blamed me for some things that happened back at home (which were totally false). Secondly, she wrote much truths about me too! You know what I am talking about, truths that only a sister like friend can tell you. But by the closing of her letter, she confused how much she hated me and wanted no part to be my friend...... This was an absolute shock and I couldn't see where this all came from.

I know that I was the best of friend I could be to this person.... I had never hurt her! I have never betrayed her.... But she chose to not believe me (which is even harder to believe after all those years). She should have known me better. She was blaming me of things that were totally impossible and unbelievable.

This was the end of our friendship! And has been a huge reason why I choose not to have close friendships today! I want them...but I don't know how to trust a friend. Nor do I want to tell someone everything about me to have them HATE or judge me like this friend did all along. I admit, as I talk with a girlfriend, I can't help but to wonder what they are thinking.... was my friend always feeling this way about me and I never knew it! I don't know!

Now why do I even blog about this is because I am now somewhat speaking to her again....facebook!!! HA! And suddenly I want to bring this up and ask why??? But is it something to rehash! Or do you just move on..... I don't know! I may never know! HUMMM!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

When the Husbands Away.....

When the husband is away, the wife had NO TIME for play:-)

My dear hubby is out of town this weekend. He left Friday morning for a NRB (National Radio Broadcasting-I think?) convention in Nashville.

It is bitter sweet to send him away. Two to three days is doable but about day 4, I start to whine that I miss him. It is day 2 and I am whining already! HA!

But I have made my time very productive with him being gone.

Friday I spent the day getting ready for Sunday. That night I took my three children over to my parents and we had dinner, relaxed, and we all spent the night. The next morning we all went over to Aubrey to watch Addie have horseback riding lessons (She is beautiful on the horse!).

But once I got home Saturday, it was serious cleaning time. I cleaned my house from noon till 10pm. SERIOUSLY! I finally managed putting away the rest of the winter decor (snowmen) and dusted behind anything I could get behind of! I spent 2.5hours cleaning the masterbath. I even scrubbed between tiles! HA! Now, I won't let anyone have access to that bathroom! :-)

It feels so good to have a clean house. I have plans to clean out the utility room before Todd arrives home on Wednesday. I might do it later today or wait to do it tomorrow. I think 2-3 hours is all I need in there!

Tonight I have plans to get caught up on Bible lessons and get a head start on some church blogging!

And the kids are being so good while daddy is gone??? They are helping with some chores, keeping things nice, and seem to be on a great schedule!!! How come that is fact for when daddy is out of town?? HUMM! Got any answers on that?

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

My Little Girl is NINE Today!!!

Nine years ago I gave birth to my first baby and my only little girl! Since that day, my life has not been the same. Selfish living ceased to exist and I finally began to understand unconditional love.

Addison Brooke was the hardest pregnancy out of the three babies I birthed. Well, she was the only pregnancy that was hard. I had morning sickness with her, I gained more weight with her, I got severe toxemia with her and all. She was the cutest, baldest, little baby. She had BIG DROOPY cheeks and fat chubby legs!

As a baby, she loved the sound of running water........and needless to say, we had high water bills because at naptime and bedtime, we would put her to sleep by swaying her near a running faucet! She also loved to be held by daddy like a sack of potatoes. People used to stare at Todd as we walked through the Frisco mall while Todd was holding her in such an awkward position. But that is the way she liked it!

Addison also used to love to sleep in our bed with us. Which meant that when we decided to move her out of our bed at 7months old, she was very upset! We did that CRY IT OUT method and it was HORRIBLE! But after two weeks of her crying herself to sleep, we had her trained.......well, until she learned to crawl out of the bed at 16months of age.

Speaking of crying, Addison HATED being in the carseat after dark. For some reason, she would cry and scream everytime we had to drive at nighttime. We are not sure why, but it was SERIOUS! She would cry so hard that she would make herself throw up! It was HORRIBLE!!!

One of our favorite memories of her is how she used to say "ummm a chip! ummm a chip!" She loved to ask for chips. She would also use ALL the baby sign language just to make sure we understood she really wanted one!! HA!

Today, Addison seems so grown up compared to all this "baby talk". She still loves dolls and still likes to play pretend. But what she really loves to do is rollerblade up and down our street with all her little girlfriends. She loves to ice skate and is very good at it! And just recently started horseback riding lessons from my mom! She has a heart for all animals. We have two dogs (one new puppy), 2 cats, 1 fish, and she has a miniature turtle. The other day she asked for two more kittens! OH MY!!! We don't live on a farm, but if she had her way, I think she would live on a farm in a heartbeat!

Addison Brooke is the most caring little girl! She is very shy and quite to those she is not completely comfortable with.........but once she is comfortable, she becomes a lively, dramatic, sassy chic! Her heart is so sensitive and she truly cares about all her little friends. Very giving to say the least! But very quiet, to be sure no attention has been drawn to her. She hates to be the center of attention!!! LOL! Nothing like me!!

Happy Ninth Birthday to my Sweet Addison Brooke! I love you so much! Thank you for being such a super kid, a fantastic big sister, and the best daughter in the whole world!


Sunday, February 1, 2009

One of those days.......

Ok! It has been one of those SUNDAYS!! Let me start off by saying, the week alone was interesting enough......
1) Ice Storms for two days
2) RSV babies (cleaning the church and toys like a mad woMAN)
3) A friend's hurtful words to me
4) No Bible Study (need this feeding time)
5) My full time Toddler Teacher steps down on Thurs
6) Preschool Coordinator is still sick from bronchitus (2nd week)

I had prepared and prepared for this weekend. Because I am out a toddler coordinator and now out of a full time teacher, I have taken the additional responsibilities to be sure curriculum, teaching aids, materials, and volunteers are in place. I didn't mind this at really no big deal! I actually enjoy coming up with new ideas for them!

And I always prepare the SonKids (PreK-2nd grade) lessons but this week I wanted to do something special and different............

Well after about 3 hours at the church last night and getting there an hour and half early this morning........things didn't go as smooothly as prayed for or planned for.

My nursery workers were stressed I got called out of worship a bit earlier in panic that ALL the babies were crying. We only had 4-5 babies but two babies insisted on crying the ENTIRE time, and I think my volunteers were in tears by the time the hour was up! Luckily, my next group of ladies did fine with the babies. That first hour was just a whiny time for them, I guess.

Then the toddler room seems to be flowing ok.....but I was requested to get MORE craft stuff. So of course, I think, WOW......more craft stuff?? Didn't I give you enough!

And then I had 2 no shows, and 2 other teacher complaining to me! URGGGH!

Can I just say that today, I felt like SCREAMING! Yes, SCREAMING! Maybe it is because I have been borderline tired and sick for the last week or so! Or maybe it was because I just didn't pray and plan enough ? Or maybe it is because today I just felt frustrated!

I know that really, the day went very well to anyone else looking in on the outside. But, I just felt like it could have been so much better! Sometimes, I feel like I am the only one WANTING this ministry to succeed and the only one that has the passion for it!

And yes, sometimes I just feel isolated while trying to make it happen. I know it is not true and that is Satan attacking me, so I do my best to ignore!

Our ministry can be and will be the best children's ministry! I have to be patience and let God grow the people around me (including MYSELF-OBVIOUSLY) before we can get to that point! So until then, I will keep praying!