Sunday, February 1, 2009

One of those days.......

Ok! It has been one of those SUNDAYS!! Let me start off by saying, the week alone was interesting enough......
1) Ice Storms for two days
2) RSV babies (cleaning the church and toys like a mad woMAN)
3) A friend's hurtful words to me
4) No Bible Study (need this feeding time)
5) My full time Toddler Teacher steps down on Thurs
6) Preschool Coordinator is still sick from bronchitus (2nd week)

I had prepared and prepared for this weekend. Because I am out a toddler coordinator and now out of a full time teacher, I have taken the additional responsibilities to be sure curriculum, teaching aids, materials, and volunteers are in place. I didn't mind this at really no big deal! I actually enjoy coming up with new ideas for them!

And I always prepare the SonKids (PreK-2nd grade) lessons but this week I wanted to do something special and different............

Well after about 3 hours at the church last night and getting there an hour and half early this morning........things didn't go as smooothly as prayed for or planned for.

My nursery workers were stressed I got called out of worship a bit earlier in panic that ALL the babies were crying. We only had 4-5 babies but two babies insisted on crying the ENTIRE time, and I think my volunteers were in tears by the time the hour was up! Luckily, my next group of ladies did fine with the babies. That first hour was just a whiny time for them, I guess.

Then the toddler room seems to be flowing ok.....but I was requested to get MORE craft stuff. So of course, I think, WOW......more craft stuff?? Didn't I give you enough!

And then I had 2 no shows, and 2 other teacher complaining to me! URGGGH!

Can I just say that today, I felt like SCREAMING! Yes, SCREAMING! Maybe it is because I have been borderline tired and sick for the last week or so! Or maybe it was because I just didn't pray and plan enough ? Or maybe it is because today I just felt frustrated!

I know that really, the day went very well to anyone else looking in on the outside. But, I just felt like it could have been so much better! Sometimes, I feel like I am the only one WANTING this ministry to succeed and the only one that has the passion for it!

And yes, sometimes I just feel isolated while trying to make it happen. I know it is not true and that is Satan attacking me, so I do my best to ignore!

Our ministry can be and will be the best children's ministry! I have to be patience and let God grow the people around me (including MYSELF-OBVIOUSLY) before we can get to that point! So until then, I will keep praying!


Gina Stinson said...

Sorry that you are discouraged. Ministry is hard and sometimes lonely but the most rewarding job you'll ever get paid to do! I know as a parent I appreciate you and the effort you take into making GBF ministries top notch. You are reinforcing all that we are trying to teach at home. I'm thankful we have you. Love ya!

Kathy said...

I don't get to be under your leadership, but I can tell you from my own experience (and I hate to say it), but what you're experiencing is ...normal. (yikes). It's hard when we have prayed, prepared, fasted....all the good stuff, and things still fall apart. I think it's just another reminder that it is truly all HIM. Believe it or not, even when things fall apart, He sometimes is working in ways that we would never imagine. I am close friends with our Preschool Director and I can tell you, she has similar days, very similar. Like Gina, I thank you for all you do, and I pray that your love for the Lord will increase all the more, and that you'll enjoy the knowledge of His love for you at the beginning of every new day. Blessings, and keep up the treasured work!