Health & Running

I have been running for about 3 years....and in the last year took it up a notch!  I finished my first half marathon in Sept 2010.  A little over a year later, beat the 2hr mark on my 2nd half marathon (Dec. 2011) and hope to run my first FULL MARATHON in 2012.  I am hoping to run my first full in April 2012....but it all depends on my training.

MOST RECENT RACE: Dec. 2011 Scottish Rite Metro Half Marathon with 12,000 runners.
                                          13.1miles in 1:57min (pace 8:57)

9/26/10   Heels and Hills and Him Half Marathon - Irving, TX
               13.45miles in 2:06 (9:22 pace)

10/23/10 Gunter ISD Choir Benefit- 10K-Gunter, TX
               6.25miles in 54:12 (8:40 pace)

11/27/10  BELIEVE Fun Run (10K)- McKinney, TX

12/5/10  Dallas White Rock Lake Half Marathon--- I really want to do this one, but it is on a Sunday??? Not sure I can pull it off on a Sunday since I work for a church???  But I love that it benefits the Scottish Rite Children!

1/29/11   Texas Half Marathon at White Rock Lake

3/27/11   Rock and Roll Half Marathon- Dallas, TX

**** FIRST MARATHON---Big D-Texas Marathon- Dallas, TX  on April 10th