Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Vacation and Two Piece Bathing Suits

Tomorrow about 10am, we will pull our kids out of school early and head to............DESTIN, FLORIDA! YAE!!!! I am so excited! And guess what, I went to Dillards yesterday (twice, as I drove all the way there to realize I left my wallet at home :-/, and had to drive all the way back home to get it). I went straight to the bathing suit area and felt soo stressed just looking at all the cute suits.

See, they are all cute on the hangers, models, and posters all over the place. But somehow the mirror never reflects the same images:-) LOL! Anyhow... I seriously tried on at least 50 suits. But guess what???? I actually found SEVERAL I $250 later and 1.5 hours later, I had bought...not one suit, not two suits, but THREE SUITS!! LOL But they all mix and match really well. I bought two two pieces suits, one with a skirt and another with short/brief bottoms, and then one tikini:-) I even bought a cute LUCKY brand bikini top.....but didn't get the bottoms to match. Those days are LONG GONE! LOL!

I came home to LOCK my daughter and myself in my bedroom in front of the full length mirror and had her PINKY PROMISE to tell me the honest to God truth. And she will! She gets her honesty from me! LOL! But she loved them all.... She even told me I was gonna be the best fit mom at the beach! I assured her that was probably wrong, but I am a heck of alot closer this year than I was last year!

Can't wait to post pics of our vacation:-) Bring on the sun!!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Sweet Chicken! Took measurements today:-)

So....I have had hit a plateau on the weight loss in the last 3weeks... Frustrating but still not about to give up. I know my body needs some time to adjust to the new SCHEDULE of becoming a long distance runner and eating right!

But, I have downloaded a GREAT APPLICATION for my Iphone called MyNetDiary which I think is AWESOME! You can get it online, as well! With this tool I am not only journaling what I eat and how I exercise, but it also will analysis my eating pattern and tell me what I need more of and eat less of. I am not "nutritional savy" when doctors talk about saturated fats and such, but I do think this tool will slowly teach me more about these foods and what they are made up and what all this really MEANS?!?! I don't want to be so focused on the weight loss that I don't truly learn how to eat....which means learn how to maintain once I hit my goal!

But I as I was checking this application out, I noticed it asked for measurements...which dawned on me that I had not done measurements in quite some time....

I was THRILLED with the results! Made me realize how far I have actually come:-) And these measurements weren't even at my heaviest... Matter of fact... I had lost about 15lbs at this point doing the elimination diet! But within two months I was back up to 182lbs! YIKES..So keep in mind, I was close to 165 with these measurements

Weight Oct. 165lbs (when I did the orginal measurements)
Dec. 182lbs (weight before thyroid)
May 144lbs
So...keep in mind these measurements are my October 165lbs!
Neck 13in---12.75in
Chest 36.5---35.25
Bust 38.5---37.25
Upper Arm 12.25---11.25
Waist 12.25---11.25
Hips 40----39
Thighs 22---21.25
Calve 14.75---14
bicep 12----10
tric 14---14
back fat (had a fancy word I cant spell) 23---15 AMAZING!
iliac 24-23


HALLELUJAH!!!! I am so excited. I still have some work....but looking back and celebrating from where I come from sure gives me a big boost!

Tomorrow----I face the dressing room and must remember this!
It is time for me to buy the dreaded bathing suit! WISH ME LUCK!!! This always makes me sad:-) LOL But if I play my cards right, hopefully before summer ends, I will need to downsize my bathing suit one more time!

Spontaneous Vacation

Well....we have had a "somewhat" of a vacation planned for the last two months. Grant it, it was based around my oldest son's baseball team! But it was time away...time in a hotel, time in the sun, time not CLEANING! OR COOKING! and just being away from responsibility! But today, we got news that our Oklahoma City Weekend Tournament did not make! Hotels were canceled and some 8yr old boys hearts' were broke! And yes, so was mom and dad's heart!

So today....we are searching! My husband and I have already taken a few days off for this planned vacation, so we don't want to lose it. But we also don't want to waste it by staying home doing HONEY DOs. Even though, there are plenty of things TO DO here:-)

A few things we are discussing and looking into:
1) Meet my sister in law halfway like somewhere in New Mexico!?!?! They live in California and we are here in Texas? But where and what would we do?
2) Go to Destin, FL, the place we went last year. The little cabana is available and it still priced right?? Sounds good to me!
3) Sea World and San Antonio??? HOT! HOT! HOT!


Monday, May 17, 2010

Getting Rid of the Checklist


It seems life has been completely and utterly NUTS since Spring Break. Not sure how it happened but all of a sudden I find myself living by checking off my checklist! YIKES! Who wants to live like that! Now grant it, the checklist does help me get things done, but it doesn't allow me to live the life GOD had planned. Just a life I seem to plan with checkmarks. From work, to household responsibilities, to health/fitness, and yes even to time with God. list consist of far more than just those things I mentioned....just like your checklist must look too. But today I woke up and said to myself. ONLY making a TOP 5 List for each day! And the first three things are a must...
1) Spend time with God (in His Word or prayer or even an Iphone application while working out)
2) Make it a priority to spend "QUALITY TIME" with at least one person from my family each day. May not be all day affair but even a uninterrupted 2 minute talk or walk with a child...or even my husband could make a huge difference!
3) Keep my workout/eating habits in check---
And then #4 and #5....are my TO DOs....which will most likely be work and house chores.

Now...guess what.... this is still a list!!! URGH! But I have to taper myself away from it first! RIGHT???

Saturday, May 15, 2010

The LAST TIME..... So sad:-(

Today, it dawned on me that I will never again have a kindergartner. My baby boy, Gabe, who is now 6 years old, has two more weeks of kindergarten. Really, I know its not that big of a step (cos in Texas, kindergarten is fulltime)....but it really is for MOMMY! Kindergarten still sounds so young but the thought of never again having a child in kindergarten just seems so unbelievable to me (and makes me feel old too:-) ).

Today was Gabe's last regular season game of peewee U6 Coach Pitch, too. And yes, I kept looking in the dugout and, look how little and dang cute these little boys are. Luckily for me, I have seen these little bitty boys play ball together the last two years. They don't come any cuter or any smaller. And to see these little guys get up to the home plate, with a helmet that out weighs their body weight, and a bat that takes all the muscle they have to just swing it....and then to see everyone of them hit these little hits and run as fast as their little bodies will carry them.... it's just the cutest little thing you have ever seen! These boys are having fun. In matter of fact, they don't even care who won or lost cos they are having so much fun!

But...those days are slowly coming to an end. My Gabriel will never again be this small or play peewee5/6 coach pitch again.

But he will always be my BABY---no matter what he thinks or says.

Oh---another sad thing and another oldest baby will be in middle school next year. But I am still in denial about that! I will post on the first day of school when I CRY after I drop her off with all those mean preteens:-) LOL

Thursday, May 6, 2010


I have recently added a few little gadgets to my blog. Two tickers...1)Half Marathon Goal 2) Weight loss goal. I have also added a mileage gadget on the side of my blog. This little thing tells me how far I ran and when I ran last...and then one tells me my total for the WHOLE time I have been logging my mileage!

So a little history is a must at this point since I have been on a blogging sabbatical recently.

Brief Info that will catch you up:
1) Almost four years ago I lost a ton of weight. I was a STAY AT HOME MOM and slowly became addicted to running. Ran 10miles two times but mainly ran 4-6miles 4 times a week. I got down to 128lbs and a size 6.
2) Started working full time. Slowly gained weight and decreased mileage (but never stopped running). I ran more like 2-3miles about 3 times week!
3) In January 2009, I decided to put my health/fitness/weight as a priority, since I was working part-time in Gunter...and I was starting to feel emotionally, spiritually, physically...just not myself.
4) October 09, I was frustrated! DONE! HAD IT!! I was still gaining weight after a year of boot camps and running 2-3 miles 4x a week....and eating right....or even eating organically! I went in for a consultation and my annual exam with a new local doctor. I weighed in at 176:-(
5) December 09- After blood work, we found out I had an underactive thyroid, low progesterone, and needed to start on hormone pills. YIKES! I was nervous...cos I was now 182lbs. What if this was a long process I was about to start feeling worse and getting FATTER???
6) One week after the thyroid and progesterone medicine, I was back to my old self.... Meaning, I was sleeping great again, more energy during the day, not so emotional, my hair wasn't falling out in clumps, and exercising was easier!
7) February and March 2010- I feel AWESOME, the weight is coming off, and running is becoming one of my favorite things to do again! I increased my mileage to 2-5miles about 4X a week and still doing boot camp!
8) May 2010- Just got back from my monthly doctor's follow up. Got my bloodwork done and everything is NORMAL. I will remain on my hormone pills for 6 more months before we re-test and see how everything is holding out! I have gone from a size 14 to a size 8. I have gone from 182lbs to 144lbs. My personal goal is to be 138lbs.

Now, I have another new goal. About 4 weeks ago, I found the dailymile website from a friend's facebook post. I love this tool. It allows me to map out my runs. I can record how fast I ran, and it will calculate my calories, and it's a great training and encouraging tool because you become friends with other runners and learn so much from them. I began to map out all sorts of routes....which led me to try one of them. I had only ran 5miles at one time, but decided to go run an 8mile course I mapped out. I had intended to walk some, if need be, but I ended up running the whole 8miles and it really didn't hurt too bad. At that time, I realize "I THINK I CAN DO A HALF MARATHON". So now...I am looking into some local races and trying to learn more about marathons. My max run has been 10miles. And I am even considering participating in an HALF-IRON MAN in October???

I KNOW! I KNOW! CRAZY! But "I really think I can" do this!!! LOL!

The Weekend of Champions!

What a fun, fun weekend the Turner family had! Todd and I have spent the whole last few weeks being super busy running kids everywhere. One parent runs one child to one game, another takes or picks a kid up from practice, while another parent helps coach a practice, and then we will meet up at the late game, etc..... LOL! We have a rule that the kids can only participate in one sport at a time. But this spring has been a whirlwind of filling gas tanks, icing down water and Gatorade, and lunging around lawn chairs. Two boys playing baseball and a lady in volleyball!

This past weekend, Addison had her end of the year tournament in volleyball. This was her first year to play (and my first year to coach). I won't lie, the first game we played was a NIGHTMARE! But after a month of practicing (Mrs. Sara Price was sweet enough to run practices so she could teach me volleyball too), a few games lost and a few games tied, I must say, we drastically improved. So in our tournament....we won our first two games which put us in the championship game....which had us receive 2nd place! The girls were so proud...and I was so proud of them too:-)

Then on a weekend of anticipated thunderstorms....we also had two more baseball tournaments..... 1) Gabe's first little 5/6 Coach Pitch Celina Tournament and 2) Zander's Young Gun Tournament (select team) in McKinney-Triple Creek. Expecting to have a few rainouts or rain delays, we were pleasantly surprised! The weather couldn't have been more perfect for a great weekend of baseball. No rain, just a few clouds...and then alot of sun!

But Todd and I had to at least spend several dollars worth of gas running back and forth between Celina and McKinney on Saturday and Sunday. And to be honest with you...we didn't expect to be playing much or long on Sunday with the boys. We really thought they would be beat out of their tournaments sometime early on Sunday. Why?? .....1)Gabe's team is so young and inexperienced 2) Zander's team was in a 15 team tournament with some really good teams!
But guess what??? Gabe's team ended up winning all their games but the championship game. So they were awarded 2nd place:-) And Zander's team played UNBELIEVABLE. The won 6 straight games....and even beat the Irving Canes (amazingly awesome team) to be placed in the championship game against a team we meet up several times in tournaments...the Frisco Rough Riders. We only beat them 13-12! It was so much fun and so stressful:-) HAHA!

So needless to say....Todd and I are very proud of my kids. Not because they all came in with trophies, but because of their hardwork, good attitudes, and how they apply themselves. Trophy or no trophy....they are my big winners! Oh, how I thanked God for a wonderful weekend of enjoying them and the weather and the dear friends that come along in these environments!

---But it was way cool to come home with 3 trophies still:-) HAHA