Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Vacation and Two Piece Bathing Suits

Tomorrow about 10am, we will pull our kids out of school early and head to............DESTIN, FLORIDA! YAE!!!! I am so excited! And guess what, I went to Dillards yesterday (twice, as I drove all the way there to realize I left my wallet at home :-/, and had to drive all the way back home to get it). I went straight to the bathing suit area and felt soo stressed just looking at all the cute suits.

See, they are all cute on the hangers, models, and posters all over the place. But somehow the mirror never reflects the same images:-) LOL! Anyhow... I seriously tried on at least 50 suits. But guess what???? I actually found SEVERAL I $250 later and 1.5 hours later, I had bought...not one suit, not two suits, but THREE SUITS!! LOL But they all mix and match really well. I bought two two pieces suits, one with a skirt and another with short/brief bottoms, and then one tikini:-) I even bought a cute LUCKY brand bikini top.....but didn't get the bottoms to match. Those days are LONG GONE! LOL!

I came home to LOCK my daughter and myself in my bedroom in front of the full length mirror and had her PINKY PROMISE to tell me the honest to God truth. And she will! She gets her honesty from me! LOL! But she loved them all.... She even told me I was gonna be the best fit mom at the beach! I assured her that was probably wrong, but I am a heck of alot closer this year than I was last year!

Can't wait to post pics of our vacation:-) Bring on the sun!!

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