Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Weekend of Champions!

What a fun, fun weekend the Turner family had! Todd and I have spent the whole last few weeks being super busy running kids everywhere. One parent runs one child to one game, another takes or picks a kid up from practice, while another parent helps coach a practice, and then we will meet up at the late game, etc..... LOL! We have a rule that the kids can only participate in one sport at a time. But this spring has been a whirlwind of filling gas tanks, icing down water and Gatorade, and lunging around lawn chairs. Two boys playing baseball and a lady in volleyball!

This past weekend, Addison had her end of the year tournament in volleyball. This was her first year to play (and my first year to coach). I won't lie, the first game we played was a NIGHTMARE! But after a month of practicing (Mrs. Sara Price was sweet enough to run practices so she could teach me volleyball too), a few games lost and a few games tied, I must say, we drastically improved. So in our tournament....we won our first two games which put us in the championship game....which had us receive 2nd place! The girls were so proud...and I was so proud of them too:-)

Then on a weekend of anticipated thunderstorms....we also had two more baseball tournaments..... 1) Gabe's first little 5/6 Coach Pitch Celina Tournament and 2) Zander's Young Gun Tournament (select team) in McKinney-Triple Creek. Expecting to have a few rainouts or rain delays, we were pleasantly surprised! The weather couldn't have been more perfect for a great weekend of baseball. No rain, just a few clouds...and then alot of sun!

But Todd and I had to at least spend several dollars worth of gas running back and forth between Celina and McKinney on Saturday and Sunday. And to be honest with you...we didn't expect to be playing much or long on Sunday with the boys. We really thought they would be beat out of their tournaments sometime early on Sunday. Why?? .....1)Gabe's team is so young and inexperienced 2) Zander's team was in a 15 team tournament with some really good teams!
But guess what??? Gabe's team ended up winning all their games but the championship game. So they were awarded 2nd place:-) And Zander's team played UNBELIEVABLE. The won 6 straight games....and even beat the Irving Canes (amazingly awesome team) to be placed in the championship game against a team we meet up several times in tournaments...the Frisco Rough Riders. We only beat them 13-12! It was so much fun and so stressful:-) HAHA!

So needless to say....Todd and I are very proud of my kids. Not because they all came in with trophies, but because of their hardwork, good attitudes, and how they apply themselves. Trophy or no trophy....they are my big winners! Oh, how I thanked God for a wonderful weekend of enjoying them and the weather and the dear friends that come along in these environments!

---But it was way cool to come home with 3 trophies still:-) HAHA

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