Saturday, May 15, 2010

The LAST TIME..... So sad:-(

Today, it dawned on me that I will never again have a kindergartner. My baby boy, Gabe, who is now 6 years old, has two more weeks of kindergarten. Really, I know its not that big of a step (cos in Texas, kindergarten is fulltime)....but it really is for MOMMY! Kindergarten still sounds so young but the thought of never again having a child in kindergarten just seems so unbelievable to me (and makes me feel old too:-) ).

Today was Gabe's last regular season game of peewee U6 Coach Pitch, too. And yes, I kept looking in the dugout and, look how little and dang cute these little boys are. Luckily for me, I have seen these little bitty boys play ball together the last two years. They don't come any cuter or any smaller. And to see these little guys get up to the home plate, with a helmet that out weighs their body weight, and a bat that takes all the muscle they have to just swing it....and then to see everyone of them hit these little hits and run as fast as their little bodies will carry them.... it's just the cutest little thing you have ever seen! These boys are having fun. In matter of fact, they don't even care who won or lost cos they are having so much fun!

But...those days are slowly coming to an end. My Gabriel will never again be this small or play peewee5/6 coach pitch again.

But he will always be my BABY---no matter what he thinks or says.

Oh---another sad thing and another oldest baby will be in middle school next year. But I am still in denial about that! I will post on the first day of school when I CRY after I drop her off with all those mean preteens:-) LOL

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Sandy said...

I'm glad you are still blogging. My "baby" is going to be a Junior in high school!
I miss those Little League and Kindergarten days so much!
I watched a kindergarten graduation on Friday, complete with caps and gowns! So precious!