Thursday, May 28, 2009

Family Vacation is DONE

So sad that our family vacation is already coming to an end! It has been one of the best weeks we have ever had. My husband of ten years turned 40yrs old this past week. The kids were GREAT all week, and we had great weather despite the forecast! This vacation could not have been any better! I can't wait to get home and give you my top 10 list!!!! LOL!

Highlights of this trip....
1) being with my family with no interruptions
2) wave runners with my family and seeing dolphins
3) the peacefulness of the waves crashing on the white sand shores (awe, I still hear it)
4) snorkeling with my husband:-)
5) listening to the kids giggle as they boogie boarded....
6) cooking out and playing games with the family while listening to Gabe's favorite song ,"How Great is Our God"

I have so many other things to share but will wait and share them once I get home and settled, I hope!?!?!

Here is a pic of my tired kids!!!!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Florida Family Fun

Had lots of pictures to share during our naptime today!!!! ENJOY! We only have one more beach day left!!!!

Lazy Beach Bumms!

That was one good nap I just had! Todd and the two older kids are still napping!! Talk about some good stuff!!! HA!

This morning we went to another part of the island to see some cool stuff while snorkeling! We got there early enough to beat the touring crowds, which was nice. Saw some fish and such underwater, which was cool!

We have taken a break fromm the sun today. So we ate a cheap mexican lunch, went to FUDPUCKERS to see a Gator Farm......which was way cool! And then back home for some rest! Once everyone wakes up we will head back down to the beach area....hoping to escape some dangerous sun rays for the day!

Our last day is tomorrow:-( We are having so much fun, but we are running out of money and need to get back home to responsibilities!! SO SAD!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

What a DAY!!!

Today was AWESOME! Weather couldn't have been better! We started the day off pretty early and were on the wave runners by 9:30am. We had a BLAST on those things! The kids love it and so did Todd and I! We even saw dolphins up close and personnel! Addie was so excited! We saw several actually! Amazing how they seem to not be afraid of us at all!!

There was also a neat place called "CRAB ISLAND" between the Gulf opening and Bay. At CRAB ISLAND you can park in the middle of the area anywhere and get off and hang out in the water and about waist deep water.....clear blue water. We tested out our snorkeling abilities here too! It was awesome!

We had lunch at Dewey Destin's which is a cool shack like place on a pier overlooking the water! The food was great and so was the scenery!

We finished off the rest of the day at the beach.....water and weather was better than it has ever been! Gabe was so cute to watch today!! He ended up playing with some 20 yr olds on the beach. He doesn't know a stranger!!! By the end of the day, he said he was his BIG friend!!!

Monday, May 25, 2009

This is How You Crab Hunt....we think!?!?!

We got another beautiful day to play in the sun, sand, and waves!!!! Hoping and praying tomorrow will be the same because we rented waver runners! The blogger was having a hard time loading pics so here is a video of Todd crab fishing!

Day 2 in Florida

We made it to Florida safe and sound! We did arrive to very wet weather and there is a good chance of rain everyday here! But so far we are lucking out! We are staying in a little beach house about 150yards from the beach. It is nothing fancy but is comfortable and houses us all. It is a 2 bedroom with a kitchen, screened in porch, and outside shower area. It is a little out dated style wise!! HA! The kids love our little beach house!!! It is perfect for us! Way better than an overpriced hotel stay!

Yesterday morning it started out with we decided to start our day off with crab fishing. We went into the bay since they said it is easier to crab hunt there. And yes, it was easier! Both Todd and Zander caught several crab!

After about an hour and half of crab fishing the sun was really starting to come out, so we decided to head back for some beach time. The beach was great! Fortunately the beaches we are at have lots of sand bars which does help with keeping the waves down! We aren't adviced to get in very deep because of all the storms tides! But the sandbars help that too!

Today we will continue to pray for no rain!!!! We plan to go crabbing at another area in the bay...then hoping to go to this park so we can try out out our snorkeling abilities!

Tomorrow will be a lot fun as we are planning to rent waver runners for a couple of hours. If the rain cooperates, that should be a blast!!!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

TeamKID Banquet/ Video

This is what I have been doing this week......doesn't get much better, does it? I love these kids!!!!!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Countdown is On!

Yes, I am getting excited! Only 6 more days until we are BEACHING! Todd and I will be leaving on Saturday, May 23rd, on his 40th bday:-) We are taking our 3 kids to Destin, Florida for some fun and relaxation! I am so looking forward to it!!! I have never been to Florida and I hear that it is just beautiful where we are going! I am hoping to blog all about too!!!!

Tricky thing, is I have to get through this BUSY, BUSY week! There are only 2 weeks left of school for Gunter and CCA has 4 days left. We are pulling Addie and Zander out of Gunter with prior approval. However, this week is full of field trips, field days, PreK graduation, class parties, and end of the year TeamKID Banquet. So with all this and all the extra work to do to plan for the next two Sundays, and then the packing..... I am pretty sure come sundown on Saturday night I will be saying it was all worth it!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

This Video is Getting Me Hyped!

I was making this video to present at church this Sunday to raise scholarships for some children! This was my first official week as a Children's Minister! I can't wait to celebrate summer with the kids again this year. We have over 25 kids going this year! WOW!!!!

In the Motherhood

I am a little late but still wanted to blog about MOTHERHOOD! Having a wonderful mother and being a mom are two blessings that I don't take for granted!

When I think of my mom (Theresa Kay Hudgins Lewis) I think of.........
1) all the many "good" talks my girlfriends and I had everyday after school with her while we raided her kitchen.
2) her yummy good cooking abilities.
3) her need and her availability to always want to help others.
4) when I turned 9 years old she did a funny dance in the middle of the road that I will never forget!!! HA! HA!
5) her youth..... She doesn't seem to age to me, but neither does my Grandmother!
6) her determination to finish anything she starts
7) cleanliness at all cost:-)
8) her labor on her flowerbeds, yardwork, and her garden
9) her singing old country songs while cleaning the house with the windows open
10)endless hours of conversations on the phone with Aunt Patricia or her sisters
11) summer days with her and her sisters and my cousins at my Grandmother's pool.
12) her fear of traffic or crowded streets
13) her ability to whistle so very loud that you could hear her on the GUNTER DRAG;-)
14) her joy of taking care of my own children if I am out of town!
15) when she takes care of me when I am sick!!!

When I think of being a mom.....
1) I think of my kids giggling at each other in a crowded car or shopping buggy
2) I think of the sweetness of their hugs they give out of nowhere
3) I think of how they get excited if I visit their school
4) I think of the messes they make in the bathroom
5) I think of our FAMILY NIGHTS we have when we play games
6) I think of FAMILY SLEEPOVERS we have ever so often in mine and Todd's bedroom!
7) I think of our family camping trips
8) I think of the prayers we say on the way to school each morning
9) I think of our yard that is full of neighborhood kids
10) I think of our many road trips to California
11) I think of time spent riding bikes and swimming together
12) I think of our silly songs we try to make up
13) I think of the quiet times we spent in a room just hanging out
14) I think of all the ball practices I spend watching my boys practice or play ball
15) I think of Jesus....and how much he must love me to let me raise his 3 children for him!

Motherhood is a blessing ;-)

Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day 2009

Here are pictures from yesterday! Unfortunately we did not get pictures with Lounan (my mother in law) because she has seizure like spells when there are flashes, so you are getting pics of me and my mom and me with my kids!!!!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Seeing Results

Ok....made it a full week on the Elimination Diet! The first two days were HORRIBLE! Apparently I was detoxing!!! Yes, detoxing sugar, gluten, caffiene, etc. Good grief I used to eat badly!!!

I knew the real test would be to make it through the weekend! And I did!!! The only two things I did do that MIGHT have been NoNo's were....
1) At Chili's there is not much to eat unless you get guiltless grill items. I actually ate salmon, shrimp, black beans, and steamed veggies. I don't usually eat fish (unless really fried) or steamed veggies but I enjoyed it and even took some home to have the next day!! I am afraid the fish and shrimp might have had butter on it:-(
2) Todd grill some "grass fed" steaks for us. He marinated his and not mine. Then as we were eat....mind you I had eaten over half my steak, he asks "Do you like your steak?". I replied, "Love it!". Then he proceeds to tell me that his was bland. He accidentally served me his steak! WHOOPS;-(

Oh Well! I am trying! RIGHT!?!?!

So far the results are 5.8lbs in 7 days! YAE ME!!! 25 left!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

My Family!!!

This picture was take at Gabe's Spring Program at Celina Christain Academy!
Addie is going through a phase of doing her own hair (Look, isn't it lovely :-)
She is also going through a phase of not liking taking pictures! URGH!

Blame it on the Rain!!!.....No Blame it on the Swine Flu!

This has been an unusual spring week for us here in the Turner household. We have not had one practice, game, or many extra curricular activities. We started the week with rain....and we are ending it with rain too! I won't complain too much as it is welcomed and usually always needed here in Texas. So due to rain...we had 2 games and 3 practices called off.

But we also had field trips canceled this week, along with 4 other games, 3 other practices, etc. But this wasn't because of rain (even though it is raining). It was because of SWINE FLU!

I am not sure what to think about this illness?? At first I was mad due to all the cancellations and hype of this stuff. I mean, we are closing schools (not Gunter YET), cancelling all after school programs (GUNTER HAS DONE), and such due to the this flu. My immediate reaction is SO WHAT??? We have several thousands die each year due to the "normal" flu, and they say our medicines are what's the big deal?

Well now 3 days later, I am a bit more concerned....wait, no confused! Seems as though this SWINE FLU could be some serious stuff.... I think it is because they just aren't sure of what it is. My issue with this situation is how and why do they suddenly react this way. There has to be "something" that they are not telling us about this illness!

I get that yes, it can spread quickly and they are not sure the medicines will work after all....

I am glad we are taking precautions...I just wish we had more answers!

Next week could be even more interesting! I hear Celina may have a case??? If so, I may have Gabe home all week?!?! Will it get worse, or is it just being cautions. I am not sure. But I will be praying about it!

Kind of scary when you don't really know what you are dealing with.....