Monday, May 4, 2009

Seeing Results

Ok....made it a full week on the Elimination Diet! The first two days were HORRIBLE! Apparently I was detoxing!!! Yes, detoxing sugar, gluten, caffiene, etc. Good grief I used to eat badly!!!

I knew the real test would be to make it through the weekend! And I did!!! The only two things I did do that MIGHT have been NoNo's were....
1) At Chili's there is not much to eat unless you get guiltless grill items. I actually ate salmon, shrimp, black beans, and steamed veggies. I don't usually eat fish (unless really fried) or steamed veggies but I enjoyed it and even took some home to have the next day!! I am afraid the fish and shrimp might have had butter on it:-(
2) Todd grill some "grass fed" steaks for us. He marinated his and not mine. Then as we were eat....mind you I had eaten over half my steak, he asks "Do you like your steak?". I replied, "Love it!". Then he proceeds to tell me that his was bland. He accidentally served me his steak! WHOOPS;-(

Oh Well! I am trying! RIGHT!?!?!

So far the results are 5.8lbs in 7 days! YAE ME!!! 25 left!


Valerie Chamberlain said...

Almost 6 pounds in 7 days...that's great!! Good for you :o)

Rachel said...

Great job ;)