Thursday, May 28, 2009

Family Vacation is DONE

So sad that our family vacation is already coming to an end! It has been one of the best weeks we have ever had. My husband of ten years turned 40yrs old this past week. The kids were GREAT all week, and we had great weather despite the forecast! This vacation could not have been any better! I can't wait to get home and give you my top 10 list!!!! LOL!

Highlights of this trip....
1) being with my family with no interruptions
2) wave runners with my family and seeing dolphins
3) the peacefulness of the waves crashing on the white sand shores (awe, I still hear it)
4) snorkeling with my husband:-)
5) listening to the kids giggle as they boogie boarded....
6) cooking out and playing games with the family while listening to Gabe's favorite song ,"How Great is Our God"

I have so many other things to share but will wait and share them once I get home and settled, I hope!?!?!

Here is a pic of my tired kids!!!!

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Nana24KIDS said...

Looks like good fun