Saturday, March 28, 2009

Wanted Advice on a New Washer/Dryer

Todd and I are finally at the point that we must get a new washing machine and a dryer! We have had these cheap SAMS set for the last 10 plus years and now with a family of 5, we are doing laundry NONSTOP! Our dryer takes at least two rounds (sometimes more) to dry clothes and my washing machine makes funny sounds, leaves clothes very wet, and doesn't hold much laundry at once. And now, it is leaking water...... HUMMM!!!

I am not sure what size this washer is, but I admit, I do fill it too full of laundry! So I know I am not helping the matters either.

But I have two boys that play two sports at once that need their socks, shin guards, jerseys, under armor, baseball pants, etc., done before the next day!

So, we are now researching to find out what is the best. We would like to stay around $1500 for a set. But there are soo many choices. And what is so special about front end loaders!?!?!

I just want machines that wash well, fast, and lots of laundry at once!!!!

Any advice!?!?!

Friday, March 27, 2009

A Cold Friday Night

It is 10:22pm on Friday night right now! All the kids are in the living room with Todd and I and they are slowly fading into sleep watching the Mavericks game with us.

It has been a strange day to say the least! I managed to talk my husband into staying at home...and even kept Gabe home today from school. No really good reason WHY! Just cos I thought we could use the additional sleep time and family time!

The older two HAD to go to school....Gabe is in PreK at a private school, so technically he can miss!

Todd and I ran a few errands after being lazy until 10am. Gabe was a trooper hanging out with us. We got jeans for Zander, socks for all the kids, a few church errands were ran, and grocery shopping was done.

We made it home in time for the last cold front! WOW! It was seventy degrees yesterday and now it is in the upper 30's. We have our last fire going in the fire place. I even made taco soup to welcome it and celebrate the last of winter! HA!

We have done a little bit of NOTHING and it feels great!

Soccer games have been cancelled we are all looking forward to sleeping in until ten or so!

The only bad news washing machine is leaking water into the garage. I think we are about to splurge and get me a new washer/dryer set! YAE! That will be another blog...until then, looks like I might need to use LOTS of quarters at the fun!!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

A Nite Out with My Husband....Hog Hunting!!!

If you have been keeping up with my blog you would know that it is Spring Break this week. The week before Spring Break we had 4 straight days of rain....much needed rain. But spring break week has had the most beautiful, perfect weather days ever! High in the mid 70's and lows in the 50's. Just awesome!!!

My parents live about 7miles outside of town in the country. We call the place Buck Creek because they live right off a creek that feeds into our local lake a few miles away. The kids have spent a few nights at my parents during the break. But one morning, as they were sitting on the back porch, they thought they heard hogs. The rain must have brought them in...and they are loving the mud and wild onions.

So later, we took the MULE (ATV vehicle) back into the woods and we for sure found evidence of hog. They had torn up a whole section of the land.

My husband, the avid hunter, was so excited because he had permission to hunt these creatures on my parents land but not any other animal!!

That day he called all his friends and could not find anyone to go with him. He asked me a few times but I was a bit scared to say yes because of some horror stories from old friends that hunt hogs. Being the good wife that I am, I finally agreed to go!

So we head out to woods of Buck Creek. I have my camo on and carrying two camo fold up chairs. My brave husband is carried a rifle and hand gun along with a backpack full of necessities! We head to a pop up deer blind my husband has had out on the land for a few months. Once we get there, he unzips the blind to find mice EVERYWHERE! OH MY GOODNESS!!!! I am not afraid of mice but I can't take the thought of one crawling on me or touching me......heeby, geebies is what I call that feeling!!! Yikes!

He runs the mice out, but I am still a bit "cautious" to their presence among our tent! We set up and all, and Todd starts calling in the hog. Not a minute or two after, I get a huge SNEEZING ATTACK! I sneezed for 5-10minutes straight. I couldn't help it but something in that tent or area had gotten to me bad. My hubby was not the most understanding at that point. I tried very hard to make quiet sneezes but when you are sneezing back to back, it gets hard. I even plugged my nose and all. Not the most pleasant or lady like picture at all!!! HA!

Once I got over that, we did indeed start hearing hog! We heard hog and lots of coyotes. Yes, I was spooked. But I held out! Then something falls from the top of the tent.....a wasp. Nothing big, until I looked up to see there was a whole bunch in the top of the tent. So any move of the tent would make these wasp mad! After four or five fell from tent, we saw one was on the window of the tent. Because they were moving so slowly, we killed most that we saw in our way. But one got Todd pretty good when he tried to kill it! What fun!!!

After about 45minutes........Todd realized that between the mice, the sneezing, my fear, and the wasps, that we should call it quits. So we hiked ourselves back to my parents house, hearing hog behind us!

We never saw a hog.....just heard! You may ask if I will try it again? I say ABSOLUTELY but Todd is going to have to be sure everything is ready to go the day of before heading out into mice and wasp next time! HA!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Shopping With Addison and the Hogan Ladies....

Addison's birthday was over a month ago.....February 3 actually! In the past couple of years we have coupled up with her best friend and neighbor, Brooke, to have a double duo party. This year, Jessica (Brooke' mom) and I originally thought we would just take the girls to Great Wolf Lodge for an over night stay. But after a few weekends went by and our schedules kept filling up, we realized that we had missed that opportunity!

So yesterday, we finally got the opportunity to make it up to them. We took the girls out for a "full" day of shopping and fun! We left at 10am and returned at 10pm! WOW! It was a blast!

We started the day eating out at Chili's then headed over to the mall for some ice skating. Of course, Jessica and I watched and visited while they skated. Then they took a break so we hit one half of the mall for some little girl shopping! Justice was the place of choice shopping for Addison. But JCPenny also did well for her too!!!

After shopping a bit we could tell the girls were fading, so we went back to ice skating. Unfortunatley for a grown man, who was showboating, was in a horrible accident and he had a nasty fall and his skate went to his head. Horrible blood scene and all..... he probably had ALOT of stitches and is quite sore this morning. But the girls are still talking about the drama of it all! We also ran in to my friend and her son there. So it was nice to sit and chat with her too.

We ended our MALL shopping soon after some Victorias Secrets try ons. HA! Yes, us moms had to do a little shopping for ourselves...... We then headed to LaHacienda where we took in way too many calories!!! HA! But we promised the girls that we would go to a park. So at dark we took our girls to the park to play! We shared the park with one couple who had 3 cute little dogs!

It was about 9 when we loaded back into the car for MORE SHOPPING! Our last purchase was at Marshalls........but we did indeed stop ONE MORE TIME at McDonalds on the way out for McFlurries desserts for the girls.

It was a great day of fun and play for us all!!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Red Cheeks Already!

Spring Break has now started. For my children, it started at 9am Monday morning when they woke up to a door knock from neighborhood friends. From 9am-9pm, my kids played outside ALL DAY LONG. They never once came in except for restroom breaks and quick feeding times!

At one point I went for a run and on my way home I counted 15 kids in our neighborhood section.

I LOVE THIS about our neighborhood!!

Here are a few things the kids did yesterday........
1. Lots of basketball games
2. Crawdad fishing in our drain out ditches
3. Built a fort or two out of packing boxes
4. Skating and skateboarding in the driveway (a 12yr old boy from MISSION tutoring class was teaching Gabe to do stunts! CUTE!)
5. Soccer games
6. Rode their bikes up and down the street
7. Using a skateboard ramp they had a basketball dunking contest
8. Lots of yard hopping (going from house to house)
9. Played catch (throwing the ball across the street back a forth to one another)
10. Played after dark basketball!!

Needless to say this list probably could be longer but I am sure I don't know EVERYTHING they did yesterday! However, I did notice they have a bit of a sunburn on their faces! Burnt cheeks already and it is only Monday.

And Zander (my early riser) is just now waking up for the day...... It is 9:41! WOW!

Off to another beautiful spring day.............

Thursday, March 12, 2009

A GOOD WEEK.......

Awee! Spring break is just one more day away! I am so excited! I have NO PLANS but plan to sleep in, hangout with the kids (without doing homework or rushing to get from one place to another). I am hoping for a few days at the park, at day at the children's museum, and a movie and some late night games and popcorn! Oh, how good that sounds!

But this week has been a GREAT week even with all the ciaos of the busy schedule we have! Last week, I was ready to give in.... scream a few times.......and just run away! HA! But this week I knew what was coming and tried hard not panic or get too distracted! Lots of prayer too probably helped out:-)

What's so funny, is I really can't tell you exactly what makes it a "good" week.....but several things do come to mind.....
1)I got to work from home while Gabe was home suffering from allergies!
2)Rain...not just one day, but all week (so needed here in Texas)
3)My "Mission" students....... I am really starting to like them alot:-)
4)Zander and Gabe are doing really well with soccer and baseball and it is fun to watch them
5)Addison pulled her card 2 times and I didn't sweat it!! HA!
6)TeamKID reached their mission goal and we had a special PIZZA party to celebrate. It was a BLAST!
7)I got a good review at work!!! YAE!
8)I am having a blast with all the BOOT CAMP/WORK OUT friends! I love em'
9)I got to spend my lunch hour with a girlfriend....we got cute manicures!!!
10) I was reminded of how great my girlfriends are to me :-)

Life is good.... I can't complain at all! I am blessed............BEYOND!!!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Day After.....

This blog is just a simple reminder to myself......

NOTE: Do NOT substitute teach on the day after the TAKS Test! Matter of in sick all day and then cancel Wednesday night programs!


It has been a wild day to say the least. I survived and am still smiling, but I think it is because of all the caffeine I have consumed today to keep up with these "day after" testing children! HA!

By the daughter said she enjoyed the TAKS test! She said it was easy! She loved having several snacks and breaks through out the day too.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Texas TAKS Test

Tomorrow's the big day. My oldest daughter will be taking the dreaded TAKS test. I believe it is only the Reading portion. But it is a "important" test. One that will determine if she passes or fails 3rd grade. It also determines how our school ranks state wide.

I love that we have the tools of "measurement" for determining students success, but boy is it STRESSFUL! And I think our "testing" in Texas has gotten totally out of control! I wish the teachers could do what they do best --to teach! Not to train to take a Test!

Addison is so afraid but I know she will do just fine, if she practices all the she has been taught! I have done my part as a parent to try to reinforce what has been taught and support the teachers and the school system. Now the rest lies in her own hands. SCARY isn't it? However, I am not talking about it to her or wanting her to even think twice about it.

So as of last night, all day today, and all night tonight, I will be praying for our student's and my Addison.

And yes, I miss the good ole days....before there were these test! HA!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Swamped Spring Schedule

I am not sure how it happened, but in the last month or so my March-May calendar has become extremely COLORED CODED with all sorts of highlighted colors. Interesting!!! Especially since Todd and I decided to "simplify" our lifestyles a few years ago. I am sure this has happened to all moms though. You look up and the next thing you have over committed yourself once again!

Here is our schedule so far.....without baseball practice factoring in yet!?!?!
Monday: Reading Lab for an hour, Supposed to be a day off work, but I usually work this day if I substitute that week and in the evening have "fitness camp". Zander has baseball practice this Monday to determine future practices.
Tuesday: Reading Lab for an hour, Staff Meeting, TeamKID meeting, Mission tutoring, Gabe's Tball practice, Gabe's soccer practice, and Ladies Bible Study
Wednesday: Reading Lab, work, Zander's soccer practice, prep for TeamKID, and then TeamKID
Thursday:Reading Lab, work, Gabe's soccer practice, and Fitness camp
Friday: work, errands for the week, Zander's soccer practice
Saturday: Soccer games all day, and set up for Sunday if not done earlier in the week

This week I will be subbing for a fourth grade teacher for 3 days. I usually will not sub more than 2 days a week......but because she called so far in advance, I decided I could manage working more from home in the evenings on the weekend.

Zander will have 2-3 baseball practices during the week while Gabe will have one or two. Their games start in April, so I have a little time right now (or do I?). Once the season starts they will both have 2 games a week!

Now tell me, what was I thinking signing them both up for soccer AND baseball?!?!?!

Addison luckily does not do much extra-curricular activities, YET! She horseback rides with my mom on Saturdays and ice skates during the summer months. Next year she will be doing volleyball, though. I am so thankful for this right now, as she usually has 1.5 hrs of homework each night.

Now, think I have time for a bath anywhere??? LOL!

Have a great week:)