Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Red Cheeks Already!

Spring Break has now started. For my children, it started at 9am Monday morning when they woke up to a door knock from neighborhood friends. From 9am-9pm, my kids played outside ALL DAY LONG. They never once came in except for restroom breaks and quick feeding times!

At one point I went for a run and on my way home I counted 15 kids in our neighborhood section.

I LOVE THIS about our neighborhood!!

Here are a few things the kids did yesterday........
1. Lots of basketball games
2. Crawdad fishing in our drain out ditches
3. Built a fort or two out of packing boxes
4. Skating and skateboarding in the driveway (a 12yr old boy from MISSION tutoring class was teaching Gabe to do stunts! CUTE!)
5. Soccer games
6. Rode their bikes up and down the street
7. Using a skateboard ramp they had a basketball dunking contest
8. Lots of yard hopping (going from house to house)
9. Played catch (throwing the ball across the street back a forth to one another)
10. Played after dark basketball!!

Needless to say this list probably could be longer but I am sure I don't know EVERYTHING they did yesterday! However, I did notice they have a bit of a sunburn on their faces! Burnt cheeks already and it is only Monday.

And Zander (my early riser) is just now waking up for the day...... It is 9:41! WOW!

Off to another beautiful spring day.............


Keelie said...

All that outdoor fun sounds like you are living in the 50's. Good for the Turner kids!! Ready to get out in the sun today myself..

Gina Stinson said...

You forgot to mention..."Beat the preacher in soccer"... don't want to miss an opportunity to brag on the athletic ability of your boys!