Sunday, March 1, 2009

Swamped Spring Schedule

I am not sure how it happened, but in the last month or so my March-May calendar has become extremely COLORED CODED with all sorts of highlighted colors. Interesting!!! Especially since Todd and I decided to "simplify" our lifestyles a few years ago. I am sure this has happened to all moms though. You look up and the next thing you have over committed yourself once again!

Here is our schedule so far.....without baseball practice factoring in yet!?!?!
Monday: Reading Lab for an hour, Supposed to be a day off work, but I usually work this day if I substitute that week and in the evening have "fitness camp". Zander has baseball practice this Monday to determine future practices.
Tuesday: Reading Lab for an hour, Staff Meeting, TeamKID meeting, Mission tutoring, Gabe's Tball practice, Gabe's soccer practice, and Ladies Bible Study
Wednesday: Reading Lab, work, Zander's soccer practice, prep for TeamKID, and then TeamKID
Thursday:Reading Lab, work, Gabe's soccer practice, and Fitness camp
Friday: work, errands for the week, Zander's soccer practice
Saturday: Soccer games all day, and set up for Sunday if not done earlier in the week

This week I will be subbing for a fourth grade teacher for 3 days. I usually will not sub more than 2 days a week......but because she called so far in advance, I decided I could manage working more from home in the evenings on the weekend.

Zander will have 2-3 baseball practices during the week while Gabe will have one or two. Their games start in April, so I have a little time right now (or do I?). Once the season starts they will both have 2 games a week!

Now tell me, what was I thinking signing them both up for soccer AND baseball?!?!?!

Addison luckily does not do much extra-curricular activities, YET! She horseback rides with my mom on Saturdays and ice skates during the summer months. Next year she will be doing volleyball, though. I am so thankful for this right now, as she usually has 1.5 hrs of homework each night.

Now, think I have time for a bath anywhere??? LOL!

Have a great week:)

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