Monday, March 2, 2009

Texas TAKS Test

Tomorrow's the big day. My oldest daughter will be taking the dreaded TAKS test. I believe it is only the Reading portion. But it is a "important" test. One that will determine if she passes or fails 3rd grade. It also determines how our school ranks state wide.

I love that we have the tools of "measurement" for determining students success, but boy is it STRESSFUL! And I think our "testing" in Texas has gotten totally out of control! I wish the teachers could do what they do best --to teach! Not to train to take a Test!

Addison is so afraid but I know she will do just fine, if she practices all the she has been taught! I have done my part as a parent to try to reinforce what has been taught and support the teachers and the school system. Now the rest lies in her own hands. SCARY isn't it? However, I am not talking about it to her or wanting her to even think twice about it.

So as of last night, all day today, and all night tonight, I will be praying for our student's and my Addison.

And yes, I miss the good ole days....before there were these test! HA!


Valerie Chamberlain said...

Amen! I hate the TAKS test! I totally understand the need for an accountability system, but we've gone way overboard.

Hoping Addison leaves today behind her--I know she'll do great!

Keelie said...

Don't even get me started on the TAKS test. I hope she did well.