Saturday, March 21, 2009

A Nite Out with My Husband....Hog Hunting!!!

If you have been keeping up with my blog you would know that it is Spring Break this week. The week before Spring Break we had 4 straight days of rain....much needed rain. But spring break week has had the most beautiful, perfect weather days ever! High in the mid 70's and lows in the 50's. Just awesome!!!

My parents live about 7miles outside of town in the country. We call the place Buck Creek because they live right off a creek that feeds into our local lake a few miles away. The kids have spent a few nights at my parents during the break. But one morning, as they were sitting on the back porch, they thought they heard hogs. The rain must have brought them in...and they are loving the mud and wild onions.

So later, we took the MULE (ATV vehicle) back into the woods and we for sure found evidence of hog. They had torn up a whole section of the land.

My husband, the avid hunter, was so excited because he had permission to hunt these creatures on my parents land but not any other animal!!

That day he called all his friends and could not find anyone to go with him. He asked me a few times but I was a bit scared to say yes because of some horror stories from old friends that hunt hogs. Being the good wife that I am, I finally agreed to go!

So we head out to woods of Buck Creek. I have my camo on and carrying two camo fold up chairs. My brave husband is carried a rifle and hand gun along with a backpack full of necessities! We head to a pop up deer blind my husband has had out on the land for a few months. Once we get there, he unzips the blind to find mice EVERYWHERE! OH MY GOODNESS!!!! I am not afraid of mice but I can't take the thought of one crawling on me or touching me......heeby, geebies is what I call that feeling!!! Yikes!

He runs the mice out, but I am still a bit "cautious" to their presence among our tent! We set up and all, and Todd starts calling in the hog. Not a minute or two after, I get a huge SNEEZING ATTACK! I sneezed for 5-10minutes straight. I couldn't help it but something in that tent or area had gotten to me bad. My hubby was not the most understanding at that point. I tried very hard to make quiet sneezes but when you are sneezing back to back, it gets hard. I even plugged my nose and all. Not the most pleasant or lady like picture at all!!! HA!

Once I got over that, we did indeed start hearing hog! We heard hog and lots of coyotes. Yes, I was spooked. But I held out! Then something falls from the top of the tent.....a wasp. Nothing big, until I looked up to see there was a whole bunch in the top of the tent. So any move of the tent would make these wasp mad! After four or five fell from tent, we saw one was on the window of the tent. Because they were moving so slowly, we killed most that we saw in our way. But one got Todd pretty good when he tried to kill it! What fun!!!

After about 45minutes........Todd realized that between the mice, the sneezing, my fear, and the wasps, that we should call it quits. So we hiked ourselves back to my parents house, hearing hog behind us!

We never saw a hog.....just heard! You may ask if I will try it again? I say ABSOLUTELY but Todd is going to have to be sure everything is ready to go the day of before heading out into mice and wasp next time! HA!


Keelie said...

Next time Todd should call Justin and you I can go hunting for cute clothes!

Kathy said...

That is a hilarious story. Come to Phoenix, or somewhere in AZ, and go Havalina hunting! But, not with me> :) My pastor loves loves loves to hunt, and I guess I should ask him if he sneezes alot 'cause he never gets anything!