Thursday, March 12, 2009

A GOOD WEEK.......

Awee! Spring break is just one more day away! I am so excited! I have NO PLANS but plan to sleep in, hangout with the kids (without doing homework or rushing to get from one place to another). I am hoping for a few days at the park, at day at the children's museum, and a movie and some late night games and popcorn! Oh, how good that sounds!

But this week has been a GREAT week even with all the ciaos of the busy schedule we have! Last week, I was ready to give in.... scream a few times.......and just run away! HA! But this week I knew what was coming and tried hard not panic or get too distracted! Lots of prayer too probably helped out:-)

What's so funny, is I really can't tell you exactly what makes it a "good" week.....but several things do come to mind.....
1)I got to work from home while Gabe was home suffering from allergies!
2)Rain...not just one day, but all week (so needed here in Texas)
3)My "Mission" students....... I am really starting to like them alot:-)
4)Zander and Gabe are doing really well with soccer and baseball and it is fun to watch them
5)Addison pulled her card 2 times and I didn't sweat it!! HA!
6)TeamKID reached their mission goal and we had a special PIZZA party to celebrate. It was a BLAST!
7)I got a good review at work!!! YAE!
8)I am having a blast with all the BOOT CAMP/WORK OUT friends! I love em'
9)I got to spend my lunch hour with a girlfriend....we got cute manicures!!!
10) I was reminded of how great my girlfriends are to me :-)

Life is good.... I can't complain at all! I am blessed............BEYOND!!!

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