Saturday, March 28, 2009

Wanted Advice on a New Washer/Dryer

Todd and I are finally at the point that we must get a new washing machine and a dryer! We have had these cheap SAMS set for the last 10 plus years and now with a family of 5, we are doing laundry NONSTOP! Our dryer takes at least two rounds (sometimes more) to dry clothes and my washing machine makes funny sounds, leaves clothes very wet, and doesn't hold much laundry at once. And now, it is leaking water...... HUMMM!!!

I am not sure what size this washer is, but I admit, I do fill it too full of laundry! So I know I am not helping the matters either.

But I have two boys that play two sports at once that need their socks, shin guards, jerseys, under armor, baseball pants, etc., done before the next day!

So, we are now researching to find out what is the best. We would like to stay around $1500 for a set. But there are soo many choices. And what is so special about front end loaders!?!?!

I just want machines that wash well, fast, and lots of laundry at once!!!!

Any advice!?!?!


Gina Stinson said...

I hate my front loading washer. I don't think I can wash nearly as many clothes in the FL as the top loading. Just my opinion!

Kathy said...

I have a plain-jane non front loading washer, and it does fine. Enjoy the new one! You'll be so thrilled with it...and of course let us know what you choose! :) Blessings on your week.