Monday, April 6, 2009

Easter Eggstravaganza 09

I haven't blogged this week at all! Why!?!?! Because this past week I spent the week preparing for our FIRST ANNUAL EASTER EGGSTRAVAGANZA for our little town, and hosted by our church!

Being our first outreach that I have planned for the families of our community, I was really wanting to make it as inviting as possible for any unchurched or for our fellow neighbors and friends. So the city park was my choice, but I did have the old gymnasium for backup (just in case the weather did not corporate). I did not want to have the eggstravaganza on the church grounds because I felt visiting families would feel intimidated or even think they were NOT invited! Therefor, the park was my final decision.

After about 3 weeks of preparing, planning, and shopping, the event was in full motion! We had two bounce houses rented, we had carnival type games for the small children, we had family soccer and kickball games planned, some hot dogs to eat, and eggs to hunt.

Our "youth" group became head leaders in certain areas (carnival games and sporting games) and the adults did great filling in any gaps!

The only down fall was the WIND! With 40mph gusts and 35mph winds, the bounce house crew left as quickly as they arrived. I admit, I was highly discouraged and I was second guessing my decision on whether staying at the park was the right idea.

But, you know our God!!! Anything is possible with him...even in Texas wind!

The day was AWESOME! We had children from all over our small town come out to play and take part in the day. We had several new families and faces, too! It was so awesome to take a look at the park that I once played in as a child and to see my children playing with other children!

And what really made me smile was our teenage kids. These kids were assigned to be leaders of our carnival type games and to lead our sporting events. These teens did an outstanding job....and our little guys LOVED it! The teens even came to me and told me they had a blast serving, which showed and was a big reason why the day was a success! The younger ones loved playing with the BIG KIDS! They loved the attention! And loved being a part of their world for a couple of hours. What a way to bring these two generations together!

So many people lended a hand, some many did countless jobs! Without these people the day would have perhaps been long or even stressful....but it wasn't not one bit!

All in all, the day was great! I have learned alot from it, as well. Somethings that I will duplicate next year, and some things that will change. But the thing that I am glad that won't change is WHY we had the celebrate our Lord, Jesus Christ!!!

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