Friday, April 17, 2009

The Good Always Out Weighs the Bad

This week.........couldn't end soon enough! HA! But even though it was a tough week, I can still recall many great things that happened that kept me going.....

1. My favorite verse was put back on my radar this week. Amazing how a verse can do some many things for you in different situations in your life. JEREMIAH 29:11 The power of prayer and this scripture have created peace in my life!!
2. Zander hit his first homerun this past week!!! He hit a line drive right down the center of the field past all the other kids. Two men were on base, so he racked up 3 runs. What a fun experience to witness and see the look of amazement and excitement on his face!! Todd and I were pretty excited too!!!
3. I was able to sub twice this past week....both assignments were in first grade classrooms. On Wednesday I subbed for Zander's teacher. I have always wondered how he and his little friends acted in class. He is in a class of all the little competitive, athletic boys. And boy are they fun. Very bright, and quick witted!! Too cute!
4. Today I subbed for my cousin's class! This class was ADORABLE!! They were so sweet and more the sensitive type class! I got lots of sweet homemade gifts (several construction paper hearts, a beaded anklet, and nice letters). Those are some of the things I miss most about teaching full time. So it was a nice treat today!!!
5. Ewww, the rain! I love the rain we have had and am hoping for more to come! We have had very little rain here in Texas so the little storms we are getting is always big news and welcomed.
6. Canceled Games....because of the rain we have been blessed with rain out games this weekend! YAE!! I say YAE because we had "many" conflicts in our schedule. Zander was going to have to pick or chose between soccer and baseball and we also had pictures scheduled! Not to mention....sleeping in possibly tomorrow morning!
7. I had a much needed good nap a few hours ago. I have not slept in about 4 days and have been so busy! And at night, I just can't seem to wind down! But this afternoon, after subbing. I forced all the kids inside in front of a TV and we chilled. Gabe and I ended up sleeping from 4:30-7pm!
8. I got a special gift from a sweet little girl on Wednesday evening at TeamKID. It was the sweetest and most thoughtful gesture!! I got two, almost dead, dandelions from a child! Her mom was almost in tears (of laughter) when she saw her daughter give me these....but it was a very generous gift!!
9. Got to love boot camp! I got back on board for boot camp (fitness/workout). I had missed two workouts due to ballgames. I love being with all my friends and working out together. It really is fun! I always look forward to this time with my "girls"!!! And this week we added an additional workout session for in the morning!
10. Friends!!! I am thankful for the friendships God has given me. I have several ladies that have really meant alot to me in the past few months. I am blessed!

This week has been a challenge. But the good always outweighs the bad!!! God is good!!!

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Kathy said...

What a good excercise-especially at the end of a long, hard week. I like your list, and I like your outlook, and that God gave you a wonderful verse to see Life as He sees it. Blessings, and enjoy!