Wednesday, June 23, 2010


The last couple of days I have been preparing for our next SUMMER SUNDAY LESSON for the Children's Ministry! As I was studying and preparing....I was reminded of how God's Word, even through a more simplified study, applies and speaks to me! This was God speaking and today I heard him loud and clear!

The good wasn't one of those times where God got my attention, where I immediately knew I was sinning, or doing something wrong....

Instead, this time I was told to STOP-REFLECT-MEDITATE! How "JoYoUs" it was that I listened to God and actually took the time to see what He wanted me to see!

This week's SUNDAY lesson we will learn about THE SERMON ON THE MOUNT---or the BEATITUDES(Luke 6:21-26). We will study MANY things in this lesson, but what really stuck out to me this time was the word "BLESSED".

In one of the activities we will ask our kids to reread the scriptures to substitute "HAPPY" for the word "BLESSED". For some reason, when I went back to do this....I found myself at peace...and smiling! It felt good! These scriptures are promised blessings or happiness that Jesus made for the people who have unfair situations!

When I started rereading the scriptures and thinking of all the unfairness in my life or in the lives of others whom I love around really started to sink in! WOW! I am BLESSED! I am HAPPY!

Ten "Blessed" or "Happies" that I thanked God for today!
1. Happy am I that I am God's.
2. Happy am I that I am not rich in money or earthly possessions...but I am rich in God's love!
3. Happy am I that I have a mom who is healing after a cancer scare.
4. Happy am I that my babies are healthy and always near (and who like being near me)
5. Happy am I that I see that God has chosen me! It has been made clear to me after my last trip to Israel, that He has always chosen me!!! WOW! Just took me 34.5years to see it!
6. Happy am I that I am learning more and more each day that I can be comfortable and not be ashamed of being God's workmanship!
7. Happy am I that I choose to live my life to glorify my good God!
8. Happy am I that I have a best friend who is my husband!
9. Happy am I that I was chosen to study these scriptures this week:-)
10. Happy am I that this list will never really end.............

I am "blessed" and that makes me happy! Thank you Jesus for your promises!!!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Sticks and Ball + Sweating Parents = Dirty Boys Playing Baseball

If you think about it, it's kind of a funny thing to be so excited about a stick and a ball and 9 boys standing in a field hitting the ball with the stick! HAHA! But it sure is alot of fun, too. Todd and I have enjoyed every minute of little league baseball this spring/summer. Both boys are playing coach pitch. Gabe plays on a 6U team and Zander is playing his last year on an 8U team! Both boys have had a great season...and a winning season. But I must say, Zander's little team is AMAZING! They are beating teams that are from the big cities, that play year round! They are winning big tournaments and just doing amazing things! We are expected to make it to STATE and even have a good shot of making it to the World Series! How cool would that be to have little 2A team make it big.

Right now they are ranked #1 in the Nation and State for USSSA.

We have alot more baseball coming up, as both boys are on ALL STAR teams and both are playing select too! But here is a video from our Celina-Gunter Tournament. Twenty teams and we finished second against the Texas Quick (who is a Kid Pitch team) and usually plays up a division, and has kids from the HEB area! WOW! Score 12-8.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Florida- The simple things I don't want to forget...

The beach vacation was awesome! Three full days of water, sun, and sand....and my family! No cell signals, no chores, no practices, no work.... Just me and time with my family! Totally priceless! And I am so thankful that God had this nice trip planned for us!

I thought I would take the time to jot down a few things I don't want to forget... Mind you, these things may mean absolutely nothing to you, but they are very important to me! They are all SIMPLE but made me smile each time I witnessed them!

1. Gabe- He is always cautious and wants to stay safe...and wants other safe too.
***EX: We rode seados for two hours one morning. Gabe sat in front of Todd and Zander rode on the back. Todd said that Gabe asked every minute or so..."Dad, is Zander still hanging on? Dad, did Zander fall off? Dad, could you check to see if Zander is okay behind you?" LOL
***EX: There was a "outgoing" little 4yr old boy...who was quite the challenge for his mother playing near us on the beach. The little boy snuck off and Gabe came up to me and said "Mom, that boy's momma needs to go get him! He is going to drown. Could you please tell his mom about our boobie rule?"---We had a rule for our kids, don't go past your boobie marks (nipples) while playing in the water or you will have to sit out for 20minutes." LOL

2. Zander- He is sooo funny! Such a wise crack...especially with his daddy! They are so funny together. But one thing that Todd pointed out was the way he would laugh at himself the end of his sentences as he told us funny little stories or statements. I love his laugh!! The boy gets his wittiness from his daddy for sure! I really enjoyed just sitting back and watching Todd and Zander. I can see there is a special bond between the two of them. Love watching them joke around with each other and love watching them play Paddle Ball...which they did alot of!!!

3. Addison- This could be the last year that my little girl looks like a little girl, as I have noticed she is growing so fast. She is changing quickly. And before too long she will be more of a lady than a girl! YIKES! But she still loves being around me...loves time with me....and thinks I am the best! We spent lots of time floating out further than the boys would like to go! But it was nice...just being with my daughter! Playing, singing, and laughing! I know this may never come to an end, but I also know that with the teen years fast approaching, there will be much less of that happening! So sad:-( She is such a sweet and caring little girl! And did I tell you...she loves to shop too:-) LOL

4. My husband- He is just GOOD! Love that man so much! And I know he loves me too! I can tell...:-) This trip, I was reminded of what first attracted me to him physically---those BLUE EYES! Being near the blue water and sky, boy-those eyes sparkle! But my man seems to always impress me with how he enjoys the simple things! I loved every minute of sitting on the beach with our feet in the sand together, as we looked at the beautiful beach and our kids who played on it. And those evenings when we went down to the beach before sundown....just to put our feet in the water, needed no chairs or towels....and then watched the sun go down as we talked and walked along the beach with our babies! Simple things...but such good things!!!

What a great three days I had to be able to slow down and really absorb my family in! Thanks to my God for having this trip planned out for us! Thanks to my God for showing me your love...