Monday, June 7, 2010

Sticks and Ball + Sweating Parents = Dirty Boys Playing Baseball

If you think about it, it's kind of a funny thing to be so excited about a stick and a ball and 9 boys standing in a field hitting the ball with the stick! HAHA! But it sure is alot of fun, too. Todd and I have enjoyed every minute of little league baseball this spring/summer. Both boys are playing coach pitch. Gabe plays on a 6U team and Zander is playing his last year on an 8U team! Both boys have had a great season...and a winning season. But I must say, Zander's little team is AMAZING! They are beating teams that are from the big cities, that play year round! They are winning big tournaments and just doing amazing things! We are expected to make it to STATE and even have a good shot of making it to the World Series! How cool would that be to have little 2A team make it big.

Right now they are ranked #1 in the Nation and State for USSSA.

We have alot more baseball coming up, as both boys are on ALL STAR teams and both are playing select too! But here is a video from our Celina-Gunter Tournament. Twenty teams and we finished second against the Texas Quick (who is a Kid Pitch team) and usually plays up a division, and has kids from the HEB area! WOW! Score 12-8.

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Sandy said...

Congratulations! We miss those days! Just found out we're have a grandson, so it will start again in 6 or so years!