Friday, November 28, 2008

And FINALLY............

And finally I am finding a bit of extra time to blog about the happenings in my life. Not really just in my life but in the life of my marriage and of the 3 children I have that continue to make me laugh or cry everyday!
I am not a writer by any means. And to be quite honest with you, I hate to proofread (do not tell my students this). So be prepared to see lots of typos and grammar errors. This blog is not about my creative writing, but will serve as a tool to help me save some of the memories and moments from each day. I am learning after 10years of marriage and three kids later, time flies and I am losing time with my little ones. My little ones aren't so little anymore..........and I am already forgetting a lot of the things that I once treasured or laughed at. I may be 10years late, but it is worth starting midstream than not start at all!