Kids & Sports

We are an active family....and sports and outdoors are our passions and hobbies.  Addison is currently a 6th grader and plays volleyball and basketball and is inquiring about cheer.  This is only her 2nd year to play sports!  Zander (10yrs/4th grade) is our most active and competitive child....he LOVES basketball and baseball.  He enjoys all sports and keeps us very busy.  Gabe is our youngest but probably our most athletic, but yet doesn't really know that he is athletic...haha!  He isn't all that competitive yet but enjoys sports cos he likes being social and being a kid!! His favorite sport is football.  But he enjoys baseball, as well.  Oh---and hunting is at the top of the list for him too!!

Zander's 2010 8U Coach Pitch Team was amazing this past year! Check out the blog my sweet husband made. Zander's team won the DIXIE LEAGUE WORLD SERIES, DIXIE STATE TOURNAMENT and many other select league tournaments!!!

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