Monday, August 31, 2009

Wow! What a Week!

Wow! We survived last week!!! YAE! It was a crazy, busy one but a great one! The once-garage is just about to be a completed gameroom...just waiting on AC and some finishings on the new wall. The kids made it through their first week of school and seemed to be happy with their new teachers and classmates. Work for me is finally caught up and volunteers seem to be falling into place where we need them! Things are good.

But boy, has it been tiring!!! LOL! I know my trash man is not going to like us tomorrow when we pull out the trash cans. I think we have 4 trash cans and they are all full not to mention the spill overs!!! Todd and I have cleaned in places that have never been cleaned in the 9 years we have been in this house! Talk about some serious dust mites! LOL! Not to mention Todd is a PACKRAT! I think my husband is now convinced that we shouldn't save everything! to share this too. Not only did Gabe start still this week....but he lost his first tooth!!! My O My! He is getting too big too quick! He actually bit into a nacho from Taco Bell and the tooth snapped (it was already a bit loose). He was a little freaked out thinking he broke his tooth, but then we explained that he was now a big boy and the tooth fairy would soon be arriving. That is all we had to say and by our next stop....ACADEMY, he had that tooth completely out!

So what is on the agenda this week...
1) Meetings, Meetings, and more Meetings from now until Wednesday evening
2) Lesson Plans and prep for while I am out
3) Lots of packing for my trip with my hubby this weekend.
4) Packing and preparing my mom and dad a little list of things to know since they will be watching my three rugrats!
5) Hopefully getting the gameroom complete!!!
6) School-Classroom Meetings
7) Shopping and Lunch with my mom
8) Subbing for a Jr. High Math class
9) Soccer practices
10)A few home cooked meals with the family around the table!

So got one week down but another busy week ahead! But I am looking forward to it all!!!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Cleanest Garage EVER!!

We have now lived in our house for almost 9 years! We built this house in December of 1999! I can remember moving in thinking WOW, this house is huge!! We had lived in a little 3 bedroom 2 bath house with only 1150 square feet in Frisco, TX. So moving into a 1800 square foot house, we thought we were big time!!! HA!

When we moved in, we only had one baby...but within a few month baby number 2 was on the way (there went our extra room) and then baby 3! Needless to say 9 years later, 3 kids later, 3 dogs later, and 2 cats later, the house was starting to feel a bit cramped!

This week we have begun some house improvements! But the big news is that we have closed in our garage to make it a gameroom!! The floors are finished, the furniture had been bought, and today we build the wall. Tomorrow we will have air conditioning and then this weekend we will be chillin in the new game room!


Here are a few pics. One of the house, one of our new extended back patio and one of the stain on our new gameroom floor! I really wished I took a before and after picture of our garage. If you know us well at all, you would have known that the garage was a mess before we began this project last weekend! HAHA! So enjoy the cleaniness of it...cos it will never ever be this spotless again! Furniture is already moved in awaiting for the new wall and air:-)

Monday, August 24, 2009

All Three Kids Went To School Today

Today was the first day of school for Gunter ISD. This year, I have 3 kids attending Gunter Elementary. And this will be the last year I will have all 3 in elementary school, as well. Addison started 4th grade, Zander started 2nd, and Gabe started Kindergarten.
Now if you have been reading my blog, you would know that this was not the first year that all of my kids have been in school. However,in prior years, I have had the younger ones (ones not school aged) going to preschool at the private school I used to teach for. But that was the catch. I was working for the private school...even last year I worked for Gabe's school part time, helping by running the reading lab!
But this morning, was bitter sweet. We all woke up a the same time and drove just a half a mile away, all to be dropped off at the SAME school. Yes, today I was like most moms.... I actually skipped carline drop off and chose to walk my kids into their classrooms for the first day. We dropped Addie off first, then Zander, and then it was time to walk Gabe to his classroom. He was so excited but I wanted to cry! I was finally sending ALL MY BABIES to school! This was a milestone but yet almost unbelievable! Was it really time yet?? But I didn't cry!!! He was so darn cute....
So what makes this so bitter sweet! Well, after I dropped them off, I came back home and found my life again! LOL!!! Just kidding! But boy it was nice and quiet at home. No rush to get somewhere or be somewhere. I came home to a quiet, peaceful house. I turned on my music and went to work getting a few house chores done. Had some quiet time to read a bit of the Bible, and then headed out to work around 9:30. I worked until about 2:00 and then got home to relax, had a bite to eat (IN PEACE and NOT HAVING TO SHARE) and even had time to make my kids a nice snack to come home to.
This is some good stuff!!! I think I am going to get used to this kind of life!!!! WHEW WHOOO!

Well off to take some kids to soccer practice. Let the fun begin!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Time for Changes

Well, it's very late and my mind won't rest! I think it is because it is that time of year. School is about to start, which means it time for lots of changes. Time for football, time for cooler weather, time for earlier bedtimes, time for planning and organizing fall events, etc.

Now, if you were to walk in my house, you would see that I haven't been organizing like I usually do before school starts. WHY? Well, for one, I am no longer a teacher anymore and do not need to get these things done before going back to work. And secondly, all my kids will be in school this year....yes, even my baby boy, Gabe. So I am hoping and planning on doing some organizing around the house during week when I am not working!

If you were to come into my office, you would see paperwork, calendars, curriculum books, and revised schedules scattered about (I know it's driving Todd crazy too). Well, that is because it's that time of year where the children's ministry starts a new year with curriculum and schedules, as well. Kids are moving into new classes and new teachers are being added to our ministry team! WHEW!!!

And to add on top of all this....we are going to be doing a lot of "remodeling and fixing things" in and around our house in the next few months. In matter of fact, in one week I will have a house that is 400 sq. feet bigger! YAEEEEEE!!! We are turning our garage into a playroom. We will also be adding onto our porch, and fixing lots of broken things. I guess this is what happens when your new house is officially old... HA!!!

I am so excited about all the changes but boy I must say, I am also ready for them to be over too!! LOL!

Well, I am off here to see if I might be able to sleep!!!

Friday, August 14, 2009

My Man

You know what makes me really happy??? My man does!!! Yap! I have the best husband in the world, there is no doubt about that! He really is my best friend...and I have to say, I think it is pretty HOT too;-) LOL

Anyhow, I just have to take some time to tell you about how proud I am of him!

Five years ago, Todd sat me down to tell me that he felt that God wanted him to quiet his job. He was a web manager for a small but successful company out of Garland. But the drive was long, the stress was high, the environment was not particularly pleasant, and he just really didn't enjoy his job. He made good money but he was willing to put that all aside to venture out on his own.

Now I must tell you, I was a huge skeptic. God didn't tell me about this plan and aren't we in this thing together? ha! But Todd said..."Let's give it 6months and if working for myself doesn't pay the bills, I will find another job". I think fair enough??? Might as well let the man pursue his dream and we can always find another job later if need be.

Well 2.5 stressful years later! BROKE and unsure of the future..... we had some decisions to make. But let me tell you, those 2.5 years were absolutely crucial years in our marriage! We had learn to trust God and God had proven to be faithful time and time again. We began to rely more on each other and instead of making a bad situation worse, we did our best to support one another and put God first.

Now I have ALOT of gap to fill for this story but will have to do it in brief blogs....otherwise you could fall asleep!! LOL!

Both my husband and I got new jobs back then.... Ironically, both in the forms of ministry. Todd began working for a webteam for Insight for Living, a world-wide ministry. And I began teaching for a Christian private school. God began maturing us both within our jobs. We were both heavily involved with our churches (and still are) and even helped bring up a new church within our small community!

Today, Todd was just promoted to a Vice President for his company!!!!! He has also had several side jobs he had juggled in the last 5 which we have gained some successes. Amazing to see how God has provided for us and even rewarded us with many grand opportunities in the last year!

But all this aside, I must say.... I love seeing how God has worked in my husband in the last 5 years! He is a hard worker, very smart, good looking, and loves God. Can I also say he is good at loving me too! He is an awesome man and my man! I am so blessed!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

"It's the Time! It's the Time!!!"

Ok! I have to tell you about the trouble Wendy Enloe and I got into the last day of Camp KIDJAM!

So the last night of camp, we let our 11 girls stay up a bit later (well much later) as long as they were staying in their rooms and causing no trouble and not being too loud. We went and got lots of snacks and goodies for them to share and enjoy! All was going far........

Well the way the dorm rooms were arranged for us were two long wings and two dorm rooms in the middle near the elevators! Our girls were on the one full wing and Wendy and Kayla were in one middle room, while I was in the other room by the elevator. I was closer to the other wing, where there were 5 girls, one NOT HAPPY leader, and 2 teen helpers.

I should have known that the lady was NOT HAPPY to be at camp since the night before Kayla and Wendy were ding-dong-ditching me and I busted them in their tracks, sprayed them with silly string and made Wendy run smack into the wall and bump her head. The lady came around the corner and we were all in the hall floor laughing and crying! It was hilarious but she didn't seem to think so. It was only 10:30pm when this happened!

So, back to the last night. It was getting late! Kayla was asleep but Wendy was over in my room and we were talking about our camp experiences and how God was working in all of the kids and ourselves....

Slowly my room began to grow from us two, to 2 girls, to 4 girls, to 6 girls, etc. Soon my room had all the girls hanging out and we were dancing "quietly", having eating contest, talking, etc. Nothing but pure and clean fun! Well, it was a little after 1am. But suddenly Wendy and I got this idea to put all the girls in the room and tell them we were about to have a talent show. We explained that Wendy and I had a talent we wanted to share but we needed to leave the room to put some final touches to it.

Well, we had no intentions of having a talent show..... We were wanting to attack them with silly string out of a can. So we got two cans per person and on the count of 3 we attacked my room and girls with silly string!!! It was HILARIOUS! And we were laughing and all!!! And yes, we were loud!! LOL!

After 5 or so minutes of sting wars, we had the girls get on the hands and knees with us to start cleaning up our horrible mess (btw: that stuff is messy, don't try that on carpet).

Suddenly we hear a loud knock at the door. My own daughter opens the door and this NO HAPPY lady was there. Wendy and another girl were behind the door while the rest of us were on the floor. She immediately starts yelling "Are you serious? Do you know the Time? Do you know what time it is???" She then is so upset she says "Where is your leader?"

I slowly stood up in the middle of the room and say "I am right here!!!" SILENCE!!!! She was shocked and clearly NOT HAPPY with me! I immediately say I am so sorry to upset her and that this was indeed my room where Wendy and I were having some fun with our girls! No harm intended. But this NOT HAPPY lady was not buying it! She was so upset and then went on to tell me how she thought this was no way to have fun with the girls because of the TIME! The time was a huge issue with her! WHOOPS! I could tell she wanted me to make the girls leave my room but 1) I saw nothing wrong with what we were doing and already apologized for the 5 minutes of laughing too loud and 2) I needed the girls help to clean up the mess. HAHA

She indeed was NOT HAPPY and the next morning there was alot of awkwardness on the elevator as we were packing up to leave. But I think our COOL FACTOR went way up with the girls though....right???

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Mini Movie from Camp KIDJAM

What a pleasure it was to make this mini movie! It was so much fun to go back to look and reflect on the time the kids and leaders had together! I know that not a single person came back without learning something new or knowing God a little more personally! I even speak this to be true with the adult leaders and MYSELF!

I have so many memorable moments, some spiritual and some funny, that I hope to share within the next few days! I know I said that a few days ago....but I got addicting to making this movie instead!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A Quick Look at KIDJAM photos

This past weekend was an absolute success all the way around! I have so much I can't wait to share on the blog about what we have experienced at Camp this year. God was so good! Tomorrow I plan to share a few highlights of the weekend! Until then, have fun with the slideshow. I will have a short movie clip posted by the end of the week too!!!