Sunday, August 9, 2009

"It's the Time! It's the Time!!!"

Ok! I have to tell you about the trouble Wendy Enloe and I got into the last day of Camp KIDJAM!

So the last night of camp, we let our 11 girls stay up a bit later (well much later) as long as they were staying in their rooms and causing no trouble and not being too loud. We went and got lots of snacks and goodies for them to share and enjoy! All was going far........

Well the way the dorm rooms were arranged for us were two long wings and two dorm rooms in the middle near the elevators! Our girls were on the one full wing and Wendy and Kayla were in one middle room, while I was in the other room by the elevator. I was closer to the other wing, where there were 5 girls, one NOT HAPPY leader, and 2 teen helpers.

I should have known that the lady was NOT HAPPY to be at camp since the night before Kayla and Wendy were ding-dong-ditching me and I busted them in their tracks, sprayed them with silly string and made Wendy run smack into the wall and bump her head. The lady came around the corner and we were all in the hall floor laughing and crying! It was hilarious but she didn't seem to think so. It was only 10:30pm when this happened!

So, back to the last night. It was getting late! Kayla was asleep but Wendy was over in my room and we were talking about our camp experiences and how God was working in all of the kids and ourselves....

Slowly my room began to grow from us two, to 2 girls, to 4 girls, to 6 girls, etc. Soon my room had all the girls hanging out and we were dancing "quietly", having eating contest, talking, etc. Nothing but pure and clean fun! Well, it was a little after 1am. But suddenly Wendy and I got this idea to put all the girls in the room and tell them we were about to have a talent show. We explained that Wendy and I had a talent we wanted to share but we needed to leave the room to put some final touches to it.

Well, we had no intentions of having a talent show..... We were wanting to attack them with silly string out of a can. So we got two cans per person and on the count of 3 we attacked my room and girls with silly string!!! It was HILARIOUS! And we were laughing and all!!! And yes, we were loud!! LOL!

After 5 or so minutes of sting wars, we had the girls get on the hands and knees with us to start cleaning up our horrible mess (btw: that stuff is messy, don't try that on carpet).

Suddenly we hear a loud knock at the door. My own daughter opens the door and this NO HAPPY lady was there. Wendy and another girl were behind the door while the rest of us were on the floor. She immediately starts yelling "Are you serious? Do you know the Time? Do you know what time it is???" She then is so upset she says "Where is your leader?"

I slowly stood up in the middle of the room and say "I am right here!!!" SILENCE!!!! She was shocked and clearly NOT HAPPY with me! I immediately say I am so sorry to upset her and that this was indeed my room where Wendy and I were having some fun with our girls! No harm intended. But this NOT HAPPY lady was not buying it! She was so upset and then went on to tell me how she thought this was no way to have fun with the girls because of the TIME! The time was a huge issue with her! WHOOPS! I could tell she wanted me to make the girls leave my room but 1) I saw nothing wrong with what we were doing and already apologized for the 5 minutes of laughing too loud and 2) I needed the girls help to clean up the mess. HAHA

She indeed was NOT HAPPY and the next morning there was alot of awkwardness on the elevator as we were packing up to leave. But I think our COOL FACTOR went way up with the girls though....right???


Valerie Chamberlain said...

That is TOO cute!!! You know that made camp for those little girls!! Ya'll are just SO cool! ha ha Sounds like fun :o)

Red Writing said...

Totally seals the deal for me wanting to be a teacher for you. I HAVE to go to camp next year!!!!

As for the NOT HAPPY LADY...Seriously? I am off to write a blog post about this topic.