Friday, August 14, 2009

My Man

You know what makes me really happy??? My man does!!! Yap! I have the best husband in the world, there is no doubt about that! He really is my best friend...and I have to say, I think it is pretty HOT too;-) LOL

Anyhow, I just have to take some time to tell you about how proud I am of him!

Five years ago, Todd sat me down to tell me that he felt that God wanted him to quiet his job. He was a web manager for a small but successful company out of Garland. But the drive was long, the stress was high, the environment was not particularly pleasant, and he just really didn't enjoy his job. He made good money but he was willing to put that all aside to venture out on his own.

Now I must tell you, I was a huge skeptic. God didn't tell me about this plan and aren't we in this thing together? ha! But Todd said..."Let's give it 6months and if working for myself doesn't pay the bills, I will find another job". I think fair enough??? Might as well let the man pursue his dream and we can always find another job later if need be.

Well 2.5 stressful years later! BROKE and unsure of the future..... we had some decisions to make. But let me tell you, those 2.5 years were absolutely crucial years in our marriage! We had learn to trust God and God had proven to be faithful time and time again. We began to rely more on each other and instead of making a bad situation worse, we did our best to support one another and put God first.

Now I have ALOT of gap to fill for this story but will have to do it in brief blogs....otherwise you could fall asleep!! LOL!

Both my husband and I got new jobs back then.... Ironically, both in the forms of ministry. Todd began working for a webteam for Insight for Living, a world-wide ministry. And I began teaching for a Christian private school. God began maturing us both within our jobs. We were both heavily involved with our churches (and still are) and even helped bring up a new church within our small community!

Today, Todd was just promoted to a Vice President for his company!!!!! He has also had several side jobs he had juggled in the last 5 which we have gained some successes. Amazing to see how God has provided for us and even rewarded us with many grand opportunities in the last year!

But all this aside, I must say.... I love seeing how God has worked in my husband in the last 5 years! He is a hard worker, very smart, good looking, and loves God. Can I also say he is good at loving me too! He is an awesome man and my man! I am so blessed!

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Red Writing said...

Yea for Todd!!! I have to agree he is pretty great guy. Happy for both of you!