Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Time for Changes

Well, it's very late and my mind won't rest! I think it is because it is that time of year. School is about to start, which means it time for lots of changes. Time for football, time for cooler weather, time for earlier bedtimes, time for planning and organizing fall events, etc.

Now, if you were to walk in my house, you would see that I haven't been organizing like I usually do before school starts. WHY? Well, for one, I am no longer a teacher anymore and do not need to get these things done before going back to work. And secondly, all my kids will be in school this year....yes, even my baby boy, Gabe. So I am hoping and planning on doing some organizing around the house during week when I am not working!

If you were to come into my office, you would see paperwork, calendars, curriculum books, and revised schedules scattered about (I know it's driving Todd crazy too). Well, that is because it's that time of year where the children's ministry starts a new year with curriculum and schedules, as well. Kids are moving into new classes and new teachers are being added to our ministry team! WHEW!!!

And to add on top of all this....we are going to be doing a lot of "remodeling and fixing things" in and around our house in the next few months. In matter of fact, in one week I will have a house that is 400 sq. feet bigger! YAEEEEEE!!! We are turning our garage into a playroom. We will also be adding onto our porch, and fixing lots of broken things. I guess this is what happens when your new house is officially old... HA!!!

I am so excited about all the changes but boy I must say, I am also ready for them to be over too!! LOL!

Well, I am off here to see if I might be able to sleep!!!

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Valerie Chamberlain said...

Sounds like you've got some good stuff planned! I've gotta come get that curriculum! I can't seem to get out there lately.