Sunday, April 26, 2009

Continue to Follow....

Grace Bible Fellowship is our church home! This church is still what I would consider a new church. My family and I have been with GBF since the planning stages, which took place almost 4 years ago. Five families met and planned and prayed over this church. Things began to take off fast! Attendance was strong and things seem to be going great! However, our pastor left and that did not go well at all. Our church was suffering over this lost! Not only did the pastor leave, but our band quite too. We were just one year in, and things were looking not so good for the future of our church.

I know first hand how much prayer, how much counsel, and how much God seeking wisdom was done during these trying times, as my husband was on the leadership team then. But God had his hand on us and he sent a wonderful family to GBF.... THE STINSONs.

With them they brought a breath of fresh air, an I can attitude, and just loved on us like no other could ever do. Our church began to start healing! They invested in our people and lives began to change!!

For myself and my family......words can not tell you how they have made such a huge impact on our lives. They may not know this, but for me, they believed in me more than I did. You see, I am a GUNTERITE!! And with that, everyone knows my baggage and then some! HA! I think that is why I felt "safe and comfortable" at Celina Christian Academy. There I could be who God intended me to be, without the negativity or talk about what I used to be or should be.

But I am now following God's plan and doing what HE wants me to do....right here where he has called me back to (back in home)!!! Thanks Bruce and Gina for helping me make this huge step in my life!!! I will forever be thankful for it! Not only that, but the passion for the people and children of Gunter has been ignited once again.

Now, that is more personal, but I know they have had this same impact on many others in our church and in our community!!! It is hard to let go and say goodbye to the people that believe in you and pray for you daily, and for a family you have become good friends with and love dearly! But I know God has big plans for them! They must obey!

GBF is a stronger and healthier church because of how they shown the love of Jesus during their short time here! I am excited about the church future, but it still saddens my heart that our friends will be moving:-(

We will continue on though......... God's hands are still all over us!!!

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Kathy said...

We'll sure keep you all in prayer. I know this cannot be an easy time. And by the way, isn't it cool that He makes ALL THINGS NEW?!!! Enjoy being His new creation. He shines through you, and will continue to do so as you find your true identity in Him. Blessings on the journey.