Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Summer Count Down

It is warm in Texas today! I hear it is in the lower 90s. And yesterday I even welcomed a nice sunburn after being at a baseball game all day! So, today I was talking to a couple of good friends. We all had a confession to make....we all agreed that we were looking forward to the end of the year!

Now the funny thing was....the end of the year is being referred as the end of the "school year". HA! And none of are teachers either!!!

So why do we as adults get excited about the summer? Why as grown adults do summers still excite us so much??? I am sure everyone has their own reasons, but here are a few of mine........

1) Sleeping in and staying up late
2) Being outside with family and friends from 7pm-10pm. It is too hot to be out for too long any other time of the day!
3) Vacation (or this year a staycation) HA
4) Swimming at the Roberts house for a good cool down
5) Spending the day at the lake on the beach and swimming
6) Big Brother reality show
7) Special events at church (SMAK/VBS and group outings)
8) Time with my sister in law and her family
9) Time with friends from friends out of town
10) The good tan and usually a few extra pounds off:-)

Oh, no homework!!! YAE
Only 6 weeks left....who else is counting:-)

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