Saturday, April 18, 2009

A New Approach to Cleaning

This morning we all slept in due to some rained out games! We did have "one" soccer game to attend late morning, but before we left I asked for the kids to clean their rooms and brush their teeth. An hour later, the kids had "attempted" to clean their room but did a horrible job and still did not have their teeth brushed.

This has become very typical lately. I work part-time and have several side jobs to help pay for my youngest private school tuition. So time is not something I have right now! And cleaning just frustrates me. Not because of the actual cleaning but because the rest of my household is not aiding or even helping keep things clean.

So today, I made a list. The list has EVERYTHING on it! And I will NOT clean! Everyone else in my house will be doing that for me this Saturday! HA!!! Call me mean, that's fine, but I am not a maid! Sometimes you got to whip 'em in shape to earn a little respect....right?

So as I blog, I have my husband replace lights bulbs, Addie is sorting dirty laundry, and Zander is cleaning the masterbath room. The list is a long list, but it is getting done!!

HA!!!!! I love these kind of Saturdays!!!!

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Valerie Chamberlain said...

That sounds genius! Let me know how it turns out...I have myself a new little helper you know!