Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Shopping With Addison and the Hogan Ladies....

Addison's birthday was over a month ago.....February 3 actually! In the past couple of years we have coupled up with her best friend and neighbor, Brooke, to have a double duo party. This year, Jessica (Brooke' mom) and I originally thought we would just take the girls to Great Wolf Lodge for an over night stay. But after a few weekends went by and our schedules kept filling up, we realized that we had missed that opportunity!

So yesterday, we finally got the opportunity to make it up to them. We took the girls out for a "full" day of shopping and fun! We left at 10am and returned at 10pm! WOW! It was a blast!

We started the day eating out at Chili's then headed over to the mall for some ice skating. Of course, Jessica and I watched and visited while they skated. Then they took a break so we hit one half of the mall for some little girl shopping! Justice was the place of choice shopping for Addison. But JCPenny also did well for her too!!!

After shopping a bit we could tell the girls were fading, so we went back to ice skating. Unfortunatley for a grown man, who was showboating, was in a horrible accident and he had a nasty fall and his skate went to his head. Horrible blood scene and all..... he probably had ALOT of stitches and is quite sore this morning. But the girls are still talking about the drama of it all! We also ran in to my friend and her son there. So it was nice to sit and chat with her too.

We ended our MALL shopping soon after some Victorias Secrets try ons. HA! Yes, us moms had to do a little shopping for ourselves...... We then headed to LaHacienda where we took in way too many calories!!! HA! But we promised the girls that we would go to a park. So at dark we took our girls to the park to play! We shared the park with one couple who had 3 cute little dogs!

It was about 9 when we loaded back into the car for MORE SHOPPING! Our last purchase was at Marshalls........but we did indeed stop ONE MORE TIME at McDonalds on the way out for McFlurries desserts for the girls.

It was a great day of fun and play for us all!!!

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