Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Lazy Beach Bumms!

That was one good nap I just had! Todd and the two older kids are still napping!! Talk about some good stuff!!! HA!

This morning we went to another part of the island to see some cool stuff while snorkeling! We got there early enough to beat the touring crowds, which was nice. Saw some fish and such underwater, which was cool!

We have taken a break fromm the sun today. So we ate a cheap mexican lunch, went to FUDPUCKERS to see a Gator Farm......which was way cool! And then back home for some rest! Once everyone wakes up we will head back down to the beach area....hoping to escape some dangerous sun rays for the day!

Our last day is tomorrow:-( We are having so much fun, but we are running out of money and need to get back home to responsibilities!! SO SAD!

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