Thursday, May 6, 2010


I have recently added a few little gadgets to my blog. Two tickers...1)Half Marathon Goal 2) Weight loss goal. I have also added a mileage gadget on the side of my blog. This little thing tells me how far I ran and when I ran last...and then one tells me my total for the WHOLE time I have been logging my mileage!

So a little history is a must at this point since I have been on a blogging sabbatical recently.

Brief Info that will catch you up:
1) Almost four years ago I lost a ton of weight. I was a STAY AT HOME MOM and slowly became addicted to running. Ran 10miles two times but mainly ran 4-6miles 4 times a week. I got down to 128lbs and a size 6.
2) Started working full time. Slowly gained weight and decreased mileage (but never stopped running). I ran more like 2-3miles about 3 times week!
3) In January 2009, I decided to put my health/fitness/weight as a priority, since I was working part-time in Gunter...and I was starting to feel emotionally, spiritually, physically...just not myself.
4) October 09, I was frustrated! DONE! HAD IT!! I was still gaining weight after a year of boot camps and running 2-3 miles 4x a week....and eating right....or even eating organically! I went in for a consultation and my annual exam with a new local doctor. I weighed in at 176:-(
5) December 09- After blood work, we found out I had an underactive thyroid, low progesterone, and needed to start on hormone pills. YIKES! I was nervous...cos I was now 182lbs. What if this was a long process I was about to start feeling worse and getting FATTER???
6) One week after the thyroid and progesterone medicine, I was back to my old self.... Meaning, I was sleeping great again, more energy during the day, not so emotional, my hair wasn't falling out in clumps, and exercising was easier!
7) February and March 2010- I feel AWESOME, the weight is coming off, and running is becoming one of my favorite things to do again! I increased my mileage to 2-5miles about 4X a week and still doing boot camp!
8) May 2010- Just got back from my monthly doctor's follow up. Got my bloodwork done and everything is NORMAL. I will remain on my hormone pills for 6 more months before we re-test and see how everything is holding out! I have gone from a size 14 to a size 8. I have gone from 182lbs to 144lbs. My personal goal is to be 138lbs.

Now, I have another new goal. About 4 weeks ago, I found the dailymile website from a friend's facebook post. I love this tool. It allows me to map out my runs. I can record how fast I ran, and it will calculate my calories, and it's a great training and encouraging tool because you become friends with other runners and learn so much from them. I began to map out all sorts of routes....which led me to try one of them. I had only ran 5miles at one time, but decided to go run an 8mile course I mapped out. I had intended to walk some, if need be, but I ended up running the whole 8miles and it really didn't hurt too bad. At that time, I realize "I THINK I CAN DO A HALF MARATHON". So now...I am looking into some local races and trying to learn more about marathons. My max run has been 10miles. And I am even considering participating in an HALF-IRON MAN in October???

I KNOW! I KNOW! CRAZY! But "I really think I can" do this!!! LOL!

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