Monday, May 24, 2010

Sweet Chicken! Took measurements today:-)

So....I have had hit a plateau on the weight loss in the last 3weeks... Frustrating but still not about to give up. I know my body needs some time to adjust to the new SCHEDULE of becoming a long distance runner and eating right!

But, I have downloaded a GREAT APPLICATION for my Iphone called MyNetDiary which I think is AWESOME! You can get it online, as well! With this tool I am not only journaling what I eat and how I exercise, but it also will analysis my eating pattern and tell me what I need more of and eat less of. I am not "nutritional savy" when doctors talk about saturated fats and such, but I do think this tool will slowly teach me more about these foods and what they are made up and what all this really MEANS?!?! I don't want to be so focused on the weight loss that I don't truly learn how to eat....which means learn how to maintain once I hit my goal!

But I as I was checking this application out, I noticed it asked for measurements...which dawned on me that I had not done measurements in quite some time....

I was THRILLED with the results! Made me realize how far I have actually come:-) And these measurements weren't even at my heaviest... Matter of fact... I had lost about 15lbs at this point doing the elimination diet! But within two months I was back up to 182lbs! YIKES..So keep in mind, I was close to 165 with these measurements

Weight Oct. 165lbs (when I did the orginal measurements)
Dec. 182lbs (weight before thyroid)
May 144lbs
So...keep in mind these measurements are my October 165lbs!
Neck 13in---12.75in
Chest 36.5---35.25
Bust 38.5---37.25
Upper Arm 12.25---11.25
Waist 12.25---11.25
Hips 40----39
Thighs 22---21.25
Calve 14.75---14
bicep 12----10
tric 14---14
back fat (had a fancy word I cant spell) 23---15 AMAZING!
iliac 24-23


HALLELUJAH!!!! I am so excited. I still have some work....but looking back and celebrating from where I come from sure gives me a big boost!

Tomorrow----I face the dressing room and must remember this!
It is time for me to buy the dreaded bathing suit! WISH ME LUCK!!! This always makes me sad:-) LOL But if I play my cards right, hopefully before summer ends, I will need to downsize my bathing suit one more time!

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