Monday, May 17, 2010

Getting Rid of the Checklist


It seems life has been completely and utterly NUTS since Spring Break. Not sure how it happened but all of a sudden I find myself living by checking off my checklist! YIKES! Who wants to live like that! Now grant it, the checklist does help me get things done, but it doesn't allow me to live the life GOD had planned. Just a life I seem to plan with checkmarks. From work, to household responsibilities, to health/fitness, and yes even to time with God. list consist of far more than just those things I mentioned....just like your checklist must look too. But today I woke up and said to myself. ONLY making a TOP 5 List for each day! And the first three things are a must...
1) Spend time with God (in His Word or prayer or even an Iphone application while working out)
2) Make it a priority to spend "QUALITY TIME" with at least one person from my family each day. May not be all day affair but even a uninterrupted 2 minute talk or walk with a child...or even my husband could make a huge difference!
3) Keep my workout/eating habits in check---
And then #4 and #5....are my TO DOs....which will most likely be work and house chores.

Now...guess what.... this is still a list!!! URGH! But I have to taper myself away from it first! RIGHT???

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