Sunday, February 8, 2009

When the Husbands Away.....

When the husband is away, the wife had NO TIME for play:-)

My dear hubby is out of town this weekend. He left Friday morning for a NRB (National Radio Broadcasting-I think?) convention in Nashville.

It is bitter sweet to send him away. Two to three days is doable but about day 4, I start to whine that I miss him. It is day 2 and I am whining already! HA!

But I have made my time very productive with him being gone.

Friday I spent the day getting ready for Sunday. That night I took my three children over to my parents and we had dinner, relaxed, and we all spent the night. The next morning we all went over to Aubrey to watch Addie have horseback riding lessons (She is beautiful on the horse!).

But once I got home Saturday, it was serious cleaning time. I cleaned my house from noon till 10pm. SERIOUSLY! I finally managed putting away the rest of the winter decor (snowmen) and dusted behind anything I could get behind of! I spent 2.5hours cleaning the masterbath. I even scrubbed between tiles! HA! Now, I won't let anyone have access to that bathroom! :-)

It feels so good to have a clean house. I have plans to clean out the utility room before Todd arrives home on Wednesday. I might do it later today or wait to do it tomorrow. I think 2-3 hours is all I need in there!

Tonight I have plans to get caught up on Bible lessons and get a head start on some church blogging!

And the kids are being so good while daddy is gone??? They are helping with some chores, keeping things nice, and seem to be on a great schedule!!! How come that is fact for when daddy is out of town?? HUMM! Got any answers on that?

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Kathy said...

My husband travels for a living and so we are used to him being gone, but "whine" does set in from time to time, even so. I hope he has a great time in Nashville (it's where I lived when I met my sweetie), and that all of your amazing cleaning tasks are accomplished!! Blessings!