Monday, February 23, 2009

Boot Camp Session ONE Results

The results are in...... and I guess I am pleased so far.

For those of you who do not know about BOOT CAMP, let me give you a brief summary. Boot camp is just a term for group fitness training with a trainer instructing us. This is not your typical KILL you boot camp. This is more of a circuit type training which is actually quite fun with out stressing you or your body out too much.

Now some history on myself. I have always been the athletic and active type. But after having babies and suddenly not working out the majority of my day, my bad eating habits caught up with me and I had gained some "poundage". I have lost the weight twice but seem to always gain it back. But I think it is because I usually go to the extreme when trying to loss weight. Two and half years ago I was the smallest I had ever been (even as high school athlete or college athlete). I was wearing loss size 6's and weighed 128-132. But I was also addicted to RUNNING! Yes, you heard that correct...running. I ran ALL THE TIME, and often times every day of the week.

This time around, I have opted to do it at a PACE. I have made it a promise to myself not to run more than 4mi a day and no more than 4 times a week. I have also been doing this boot camp 2 times a week....which is one of my favorite things to do all week!

There have been 8 of us in this group. We are all different ages, shapes, sizes, etc. But we are having so much fun. The support is awesome and the friendships we make along the way are just added bonus....and yes the lost "poundage", too!

So after 6 weeks we were able to do our measurements. I have only lost a few pounds but have lost from 32% body fat down to 28% body fat. I have lost 4.5inches total, as well. So I am making some progress even if the scales is still weighing me higher than I would want. I feel great and I feel confident that I will and can reach my goal of getting back into my 8's (maybe even a few of the 6s) by this summer.

This Thursday we will be starting another session! I am hoping for some big results in the scales this time;-)

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Keelie said...

That is great, Mandy!!Proud of you.. but now I think you are a psycho (about the running):)