Tuesday, February 3, 2009

My Little Girl is NINE Today!!!

Nine years ago I gave birth to my first baby and my only little girl! Since that day, my life has not been the same. Selfish living ceased to exist and I finally began to understand unconditional love.

Addison Brooke was the hardest pregnancy out of the three babies I birthed. Well, she was the only pregnancy that was hard. I had morning sickness with her, I gained more weight with her, I got severe toxemia with her and all. She was the cutest, baldest, little baby. She had BIG DROOPY cheeks and fat chubby legs!

As a baby, she loved the sound of running water........and needless to say, we had high water bills because at naptime and bedtime, we would put her to sleep by swaying her near a running faucet! She also loved to be held by daddy like a sack of potatoes. People used to stare at Todd as we walked through the Frisco mall while Todd was holding her in such an awkward position. But that is the way she liked it!

Addison also used to love to sleep in our bed with us. Which meant that when we decided to move her out of our bed at 7months old, she was very upset! We did that CRY IT OUT method and it was HORRIBLE! But after two weeks of her crying herself to sleep, we had her trained.......well, until she learned to crawl out of the bed at 16months of age.

Speaking of crying, Addison HATED being in the carseat after dark. For some reason, she would cry and scream everytime we had to drive at nighttime. We are not sure why, but it was SERIOUS! She would cry so hard that she would make herself throw up! It was HORRIBLE!!!

One of our favorite memories of her is how she used to say "ummm a chip! ummm a chip!" She loved to ask for chips. She would also use ALL the baby sign language just to make sure we understood she really wanted one!! HA!

Today, Addison seems so grown up compared to all this "baby talk". She still loves dolls and still likes to play pretend. But what she really loves to do is rollerblade up and down our street with all her little girlfriends. She loves to ice skate and is very good at it! And just recently started horseback riding lessons from my mom! She has a heart for all animals. We have two dogs (one new puppy), 2 cats, 1 fish, and she has a miniature turtle. The other day she asked for two more kittens! OH MY!!! We don't live on a farm, but if she had her way, I think she would live on a farm in a heartbeat!

Addison Brooke is the most caring little girl! She is very shy and quite to those she is not completely comfortable with.........but once she is comfortable, she becomes a lively, dramatic, sassy chic! Her heart is so sensitive and she truly cares about all her little friends. Very giving to say the least! But very quiet, to be sure no attention has been drawn to her. She hates to be the center of attention!!! LOL! Nothing like me!!

Happy Ninth Birthday to my Sweet Addison Brooke! I love you so much! Thank you for being such a super kid, a fantastic big sister, and the best daughter in the whole world!


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