Thursday, October 21, 2010

My "Cheap" Hobby Becomes an Expensive Obsession

The title says it all! Since having my youngest child, Gabe (now almost 7yrs old). I have picked up the hobby and exercise of running. I have always been a runner but never much more then 2-4miles about 3-4times a week. But last December, after I got my thyroid medicines for the first energy levels began to peak again..... My running was becoming easier so more mileage was added. And the weight was falling off. In the past, I have always said...running is so easy and convenient.
---"All you need is a good pair of running shoes and the ability to push through the pain when it gets tough!"

Well, if you have been reading my blog.... my hobby is not so cheap anymore! Now that I am getting serious about running in competitions (competing against myself in the races), I have needed much more than a good pair of shoes! I got a big laugh at myself the other day, as I glanced in the mirror to see ALL THE STUFF I have accumulated for my runs these days. Take a look at me!
OK! Let me just tell what I have these days:-)
This is my latest purchase (thanks to a gift certificate that my church gave me as an appreciation gift). They are UnderArmor sports sunglasses. I LOVE THEM!!! So light weight:-) I have never owned a pair of sunglasses that were over $ these are very "SPECIAL" to me!!!!

And here is my handy dandy protection gear. Pepper spray! Yap, I run out in the country/backroads. At times, stray dogs are around and fenced dogs get out! This makes me feel like I can take on any monster that gets after me..... Not to mention any creepy humans that may be around! Watch out!!!!

And my shoes:-) Got to love my asics!!!! This is my third pair! Love them! Love them! Love them!

And my very FAVORITE PURCHASE OF ALL.....the one thing that I have wanted for a while. I finally purchased a Garmin 405 Forerunner Watch! I so love this gadget! It's an amazing tool and companion on a run! It is unbelievable all the things you can do on this watch and with this watch!!! It has already improved my run tremedously in the short time I have had it!

I still have many other things that I take on my runs.... Take a look back at my mirror picture......
1) Got to love my visor! The visor is great for keeping sweat, hair, and sun out of my eyes...and sometimes rain!
2) My Iphone----This is a HUGE necessity! Not only do I use it for emergency phone calls for me or for my family to contact me, but the music on the iphone is an absolute MUST!
3) My handy dandy BELT! I only wear this belt when I know I am running 10+ miles. It has two water bottles and one pocket for energy snacks or pills or any other things you might want to take along. I use this about every 10 days, as I usually run a REAL-LONG run about every 10 days:-)
4) Lastly, something you can't see in the picture but it is my heart rate monitor. It is actually under my shirt just under my chest. It actually wraps around my whole chest and back and works in conjunction with the Garmin watch. I had doubts about this gadget, as I thought it would be uncomfortable, but I can't even feel it on me! In matter of fact, I forgot I had it on one day and wore it for about 2 additional hours. I am currently learning how to train using heart rate data. :-) That will be a later post:-)

I feel prepared for a good run! So I am about to go get one in right now!!! LOL! But you know what I just started thinking about?? With winter months fast approaching, it won't be long until I need to purchase winter running clothes! LOL!

I told ya this hobby wasn't so cheap anymore!!!

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