Monday, October 4, 2010

T.H.I.N.K. before you Speak

What is your sin that you struggle with??? YIKES! I know, I know, not a very pleasant question to start off a post. But today at church, Roy spoke on qualifications of a deacon. Amazing how we as Christians should all aspire to qualify as a deacon (servant).

But one section specifically spoke to me..... GOSSIP! Yes, I try everyday to not do this, but it seems to always happen! SAD, SAD! I always have good intentions not to talk too much or even listen too much....but it always seems to cross that line that leaves me asking myself at night "Should I have said that?"

So this post is for ME!----Roy gave us an acronym that would help a person decide if they should or should not speak about another person in a setting. Feel free to take notes.......


T- True---The things you are speaking---are they truth?
H-Helpful--Are the things you are speaking and sharing helpful to the persons involved?
I- Inspiring- The things you speak about this person...are they inspiring in any way?
N- Necessary- Is it necessary to share this information about the other individual?
K- Kind- Are the things you are saying or sharing kind?

OUCH!!!! Stings a bit, doesn't it??? I don't know about you, but usually when I talk about another person, I am good about speaking TRUTH and hoping to be HELPFUL but I usually don't inspire my peers to help out and I know it's not necessary to share ALL the information I dish out. And yes, oh yes, I start off with speaking only kindly....but by the end, there is usually nothing KIND that came from the conversation!

I am going to post this acronym all over my house, car, office, etc. And I am taking this one straight to God! Got to stop and THINK from here on out!!!!

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