Monday, October 11, 2010

Student Holiday

Today the kids were off of school while the teachers had a staff development day! I really wasn't aware that the kids were off until I got a phone message last Friday from the school messaging system, but wow, what a treat!

Today has been an absolutely beautiful, relaxing Monday. First of all, it was a rainy stormy morning!!! So not having the alarm set was SWEETNESS!! Then the cool front brought great temperatures for outside play and work:-)

And my sweet hubby loves being with the family that he took today off too (last minute). What a treat!! He watched the kids this morning so I could go to workout with my friend. Then he and his dad spent much of the day working on extending the shed for more storage area. And now Todd is cooking us all a great chicken, potato, and corn on the cob meal from the grill:-) YUMMMY! Love my man!!! (and Jim too)

And my kids: Gabe has been in and out all day. Todd gave him a LEGO surprise; a fire station city. It's huge. And would you believe he has spent at least half of his day working on the lego project?? He is amazing at building these things and working from the instruction books!
Zander has been doing what he does best....playing front yard football with the neighborhood boys, playing in the muddy creek and riding scooters! And my Addie girl has been playing outside with Alexis (our neighbor) painting nails, making art projects, and running in to play on Yoville from time to time! Oh, and we let them run to Sonic to have lunch---so she feels so special:-)

For me, well I typically spend my Mondays getting the house back together, playing catchup on emails, doing laundry, getting groceries and making my weekly to do list. But today, I was able to sit with my girlfriends for a few and discuss life with them. And BTW, I have the best girlfriends ever!!! LOL.... And then the rest of my day has been sitting back and just watching and enjoying the blessings I have in my life! AWWWE!! I don't deserve this life I live! But I am grateful for it! Thanks Jesus for making me slow down today and see how much you love me:-)

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