Friday, September 24, 2010

TGIF....for real:-)

Todd and I have been extremely blessed with wonderful jobs...both in ministry (which how that came to be is a whole post....later). I work part-time as the Children's Director for Grace Bible Fellowship in Gunter. And he works a Vice President of Web Ministries for Insight for Living. But get this, he has every other Friday off.

And now that school is back in session, I LOVE THOSE FRIDAYs that he is OFF!

Let me just tell you what we did today....

1. He let me sleep in and he took kids to school.
2. Then we went riding on 4 wheelers (just the two of us) in the rain and mud just outside of town (thanks James for letting us play on your land). I love love love getting outside and getting dirty! SOOO FUNN!! --i know, I am weird that way!
3. Came home and cleaned up.
4. Lunch date at Romano's in Van Alstyne.
5. Came home and took a quick little nap before kids got home!---little snuggling too;-) haha

Who needs date night when we have every other Friday to just hang out!!!! We are really getting spoiled to having these hours together:-) Sure hope they last......

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