Thursday, September 9, 2010

Empty Hangers

About 3 weeks ago, I decided to clean out my closet....which led to a full's day work of going through EVERYTHING I owned in there. It was absolutely unreal how much STUFF I had packed away in that little space.

I had held on to several size 6 pants from 4 years ago, thinking that when I got my weight back off, I would wear them! HAHA! Whose kidding?? I don't want these "old fashioned" clothes! LOL! I did hold on to a few cute designer capris but most everything went into a give away pile.

GOOD-NEWS-BAD-NEWS: I had tons of fairly new clothes that I could not wear anymore! YIPPEE!! It was soooo fun trying on all these clothes that fit months ago and they wouldn't even stay on!! But so depressing to get rid of almost brand new clothes! I am not joking, but when I was done, I had 2 trash bags to throw away, 3 Goodwill bags, and 3 big buckets of give away clothes (that I gave to friends). I was then left with a very empty closet! HAHA! And a whole lot of hangers...

And these are just the "good" hangers. I threw out about the same amount of wire hangers, as well!

Now three weeks later (which just happened to be yesterday), I needed to run to the doctor to get medicine for the sinus problems I had been having. While I was there, I noticed the doctors cute flip-flops. She then tells me about a salon in town that has these cute designer clothes....and for cheap. So on this nice raining morning, (well, flooding morning) I had to waste some time while waiting on my prescriptions to be ready! So guess what I did?? Oh ya, I went to check out the Salon/Shop. I found so many cute clothes. And everything was on SALE!! Got a pair of flip-flops, a pair of size 28 MISS ME jeans (oh ya baby!), and 5 tops! I am so excited cause I now have a new place, close to home, that is reasonably priced that I can shop at!!!!

Let's begin to fill up the hangers!!!! :-)

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Kathy said...

I too love nice used-clothing stores. There are a couple here in Phoenix that are fun to shop at as well. I too throw away the old wire hangers. They don't last long in my closet. Blessings!!!