Sunday, September 19, 2010

Full of alot of Birthday!

Didn't know how to title this one........ LOL!

Why is it that when we have birthdays as adults we celebrate by going out to eat? And not only did I celebrate my 35th by going out to eat...but I celebrated it 3x this past week! HAHA!

My mom and I spent the day together on my actual birthday....and we ate at Babe's.

My girlfriends took me out the following day for a pedicure and for La Hacienda lunch:-)

And then my family took me to Lucy's after a very hot day of football games yesterday.

I feel MISERABLE! HAHA! I did have fun being with all the people in my life that have made my 34th year absolutely amazing though! Which made me begin to reflect.....what did I gain (or lose) this past year in my life.

So here is my top ten list from what I have learned this past year:
1.) I am chosen for God! This year while in Israel I finally have realized that God CHOSE ME!
2.) No one has more IMPACT on my kids than ME!!!!! WOW~~ little eyes are watching and listening....
3.) Baseball has become one of my favorite things to watch with my family and friends!
4.) I have learned to BE STILL for quick moments (stop and listen)....and I usually find myself smiling at God in those moments:-)
5.) Old friends aren't really old friends....they are some of your very best friends! I am so blessed to have reconnected with some special friends from my childhood years this past year! Amazing to have come to full circle with them and will probably go another full circle while parenting our children together!
6.) I LOVE to travel to new places with my husband. I know it sounds kind of mushy...but seems I fall in love with him over again each time we get away from our crazy, busy life. Not to mention, we are learning alot together when we travel so we aren't just talking about kids and schedules.....
7.) I can do anything if I just STICK to it..... gonna run my first half marathon in ONE WEEK!
8.) Simple is simplifying is what I am learning to do
9.) Family time at the big table is important...not to just me, but my kids too
10) I don't like 3rd grade homework!

I am now 3 days into my 35th year and I feel extremely blessed to have such amazing people that surround me in my life!!! So here's to 35 and counting...............

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