Monday, September 27, 2010

My Run

I did it!!! I did it!!! I did it!!! Yesterday I completed my first half marathon (13.45miles) race. I have been running for several years but in the last nine months, God begin to work on me from the inside out! So nine months ago, I began to up my mileage. At that same time, I began to lose weight, gain my strength, but also regain my self worth. (and yes, I also got alot of help from my thyroid medicines too:-) haha).

I really don't have a real reason on WHY I chose to have a half marathon as my GOAL? Maybe it was because to me, that was the unthinkable and the unreachable. And if you have known me for any length of time....I do always go for those types of goals! So nine months ago, I needed a goal! So I set my mind to it and went for it!

It's been 36hrs since I ran the race. I have has so many congrats from friends but yet so many questions: did it hurt? did you want to quit? did you cry? are you sore? were you nervous? etc.

Interesting answers were:
No, it really didn't hurt all that bad (because I was mentally and physically ready for the race)
No, I didn't want to quit (why run if I thought quitting was an option)
No, I didn't cry....but I did get chills at the first sight of my family at 3.8 miles in and 11miles in when I knew God would carry me through
No, I wasn't nervous (except for the check in procedures that I wasn't familiar with)

See, the real change in myself wasn't on race day! It was the last nine months of my life! It was what God showed me as I trained day after day! He conditioned my heart, soul, strength, and mind these past few months.... And with God, I can run any race if I am truly conditioned!!!!

I have so much more to share about this race day and hopefully will share more later....but here's a quote that was on one of the many signs as I ran along the path Sunday that spoke deeply to me.

"Obstacles are only things in the way when you are not focused on the goal." Finishing my marathon was exactly that..... I was FOCUSED on the GOAL!!!!

Thank you God for your sweet reminders and for being the best training partner ever!!!

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