Monday, November 8, 2010

My Super Bowl Champs

My Super Bowl Family!!!!

I am so happy to brag on my boys today! Last Saturday, both of my boys teams had advanced to the Super Bowl Championship Game for each of their grade levels. Gabe played on a first grade team with only 3 players that had ever played football before....Gabe was a first timer!!! Talk about a huge transformation! This team started out looking like :-(, well, it was almost hopeless!!! LOL! But each week the team got better and better and by the end of the year, this little first grade team look like they KNEW what they were doing! Our coach was amazing with them and I have never been so proud to see such improvement!!!!Gabe's Team (he is #00)

And the same thing for Gabe. He started the year off saying he didn't want to hit his friend cos he was afraid he would hurt them!!! By the end of the year he was hitting HARD, RUNNING HARD, and became a little leader for the team!!! LOVE IT!
Gabe and his buddy, KK!

Zander's team was a totally different story! His team was unbelievably good! So good that the games were boring! Even the Super Bowl game! But this was Zander's first year to play football and he had a BLAST! He loves football and studies football alot---with his Paw! So to play this year was a dream come true! And would you know that my Zman is a kicker! Very, very rare to have a kicker make extra points at this age but Zander did it like a pro! And yes, I am proud!
Zander Post Game CoolMan Shot!
Zander's Third Grade Team (UnBeatAble)

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