Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Belated New Year's Goals---2011

How does it happen? I have at least 2 or 3 blogs I want to post a week and it seems to always get put on the backburner---along with other things----and then time goes by, and so do the blogpost!!!

So with that being said here's to my New Year's Goals for 2011-

1) Post more regularly-goal is to post at least 4x a month!
2) Read the Bible daily and not just for preparation of a lesson (that doesn't count ALONE)
3) Teach my children to read the Bible on a daily basis. Goes back to #2 GOAL! But my plan is to model this and also have them read with me each morning---just a couple of verses a day!
4) Less spending money and more giving away money!
5) Save money for Addie's trip to Israel for 2012
6) Continue to loss weight---get the last 10lbs OFF--- FOR GOOD
7) Run my first FULL marathon and 3 more half marathons
8) To clean out every cabinet or closet we own
9) Spend more time with family---especially grandparent whom I never take the time for these days! Got to see each one of them this year....at least one grandparent a month!!!
10) Read more books (I think I only read 4 books this year.....and that was for work purposes)

Those are my goals for 2011! I am keeping it brief and keeping simple.... My hope is that with keeping it simple, I will actually achieve these goals:-)

So here to 2011:-)

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